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Strange Bedfellows was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob received an invitation to meet with Maxwell Roth, the leader of the Blighters, who proposed an alliance against Starrick.


Jacob and Evie discussed their plans.

  • Jacob: A dinner invitation.
  • Evie: And with whom are you dining this evening?
  • Jacob: Maxwell Roth.
  • Evie: The leader of the Blighters? You're not going.
  • Jacob: Of course not.

Jacob made his way to the Alhambra Music Hall, but was not received upon checking the front entrance.

  • Jacob: Hmm. Better check the back.

Jacob found the back entrance, where he showed his invitation to the doorman.

  • Jacob: I'm here to see Mr. Roth.
  • Lewis: Weapons?
  • Jacob: No, thank you. I've got my own.
  • Lewis: You should be on the stage, sir. This way.

Jacob entered the theatre stage.

  • Roth: Ah! Our honored guest has arrived! Come sit.
Meet Blighters Leader N1 M1

Roth flatters Jacob for his efforts in fighting Starrick's regime

Roth poured Jacob a drink.

  • Roth: I've had my eye on you for some time. I find your... heroics in battling the great Crawford Starrick quite magnificent.
  • Jacob: I've been picking off your soldiers one by one, doesn't that make you angry?
  • Roth: On the contrary. Surprise is the spice of life! Now, Mr. Starrick, that's a different story. I'm drowning in directives, all terribly boring. Let's say we work together and bring him down?
  • Jacob: Aw, I'm not so sure about that...
  • Roth: My friend, if I fail to provide you with the chance to cause Starrick some pain, well you can charge into this theatre and kill me yourself.
  • Jacob: What do you get out of all this?
  • Roth: The chance to have a little fun with the bravest man in London!
  • Jacob: You have a deal.

Jacob and Roth toasted.

  • Roth: Lewis! My carriage! Shall we?

They left the theatre.

  • Roth: This way!
    Well, you don't expect me to go alone, do you?
    Take the reins.
On his Way M1

Jacob escorts Roth to St. Pancras

Jacob took the reins to Roth's carriage.

  • Roth: Driver! To St. Pancras! And don't spare the horses.
  • Jacob: I thought you and Starrick would be fighting for the same ends. What happened?
  • Roth: Oh, you know. He required my services to train his gang leaders. But the man is dreadful.
  • Jacob: You don't say.
  • Roth: Freedom, Jacob. Stealing that is far more than a sin. It denies us our humanity.
  • Jacob: Right you are. And St. Pancras will ease our suffering?
  • Roth: The station contains a large shipment of explosives to be dispatched to Starrick & Co.
  • Jacob: And you intend to steal it?
  • Roth: What? No. I intend to blow it up!

Jacob and Roth dismounted the carriage and climbed a rooftop near St. Pancras station.

  • Roth: There's a train parked inside St. Pancras.
  • Jacob: Then I am to do away with Starrick's merchandise, leaving chaos in my wake.
  • Roth: Why not, Jacob? Why not? As we speak, the up train is headed towards us. That may help you enter the station unseen.
  • Jacob: As long as it remains on the tracks.
  • Roth: I'd say good luck, but you don't need it. I shall make certain any reinforcements from Starrick are kept away from the station.

Using the passing train, Jacob infiltrated the station and blew up the dynamite shipments there.

  • Jacob: Someday, you Blighters will understand that I'm doing this for your own good.
    Two down. Be a shame to stop now...
    One shipment left...
    Now to find somebody to drive this hunk of metal...
Jacob walks with Train Driver M1

Jacob takes the driver to the locomotive.

Jacob found the driver of Starrick's train and grabbed him from behind.

  • Driver: Oi!
    Get your bleedin' hands off me!
    What d'you think you're up to?!
  • Jacob: Hush, now. Please.
    Do be quiet, sir. No need to make a fuss.
  • Driver: What do you want from me?
  • Jacob: I just need you to keep the engine stoked.
  • Driver: All right! I'll help you! Don't hurt me!
  • Blighter: Mr. Starrick won't be happy.

Jacob took the driver aboard the locomotive.

  • Jacob: Would you be so kind as to get up some steam?

The driver complied and drove the train further down the tracks, where Roth and his men awaited. Jacob jumped off, and as the driver was about to follow, Roth's men held him at gunpoint and boarded the locomotive.

  • Roth: Splendid! Starrick will be on his knees in no time. My hat is off to you.

Roth boarded and started the locomotive.

  • Roth: Apologies, I must run. Do come see me again.


Jacob established an alliance with Maxwell Roth, after which he destroyed a shipment of dynamite meant for Starrick and stole a train owned by the Templar.



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