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ACS Strain & Boil

Strain & Boil was a British cotton mill, located in London in the mid-nineteenth century.

Located in the Lambeth borough, Strain & Boil was known for its great success during the 1850s, at which time it employed the most cotton workers in London. At the start of the new decade, Strain & Boil changed hands, coming in the possession of Cletus Strain, one of the leaders of the Blighters.

Under his management, Strain & Boil declined rapidly. The business also started to rely heavily on child labor, which was the reason Clara O'Dea asked her Assassin allies, Evie and Jacob Frye to infiltrate the business. The twins managed to free the child laborers and kill the overseer of the facility, allowing the Rooks to move in and take control of Strain & Boil.


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