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The Story Creator Mode is a website created for players to create their own quests in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. A Ubisoft Club Account and a copy of game are need to use it. There is a users guide that explains what each block does and how to use it in a story. The mode was released on 11 June 2019.


Players can make their own stories in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey via the Assassin's Creed dedicated Story Creator website. The creation tool is based on the quest designer and branching dialogue system used in the game. The stories must be created on PC as the Story Creator website will not work on consoles.[1]

To access Stories in-game 'Story Creator Mode' must be turned on from the main menu. From there, user created stories will appear through the game's world. The stories are identifiable by their unique quest icon.[1]

A maximum of 20 Stories can be saved in players' Story Log. Stories saved in the Story Log will then appear in-game. Once completed Stories can be deleted from the Story Log. Additionally over 250 Stories can be saved for later when there is space in the Story Log.[1]

Within users' stories they are restricted to only have 32 quests in each Story. Certain NPCs including the mythical creatures are also banned. Upon entering the Story Portal players will be placed in a separate game state to play the Story, but any XP and drachmae earned will carry over to the main game. Players are unable to specify the amount of XP or drachmae earned from quests however. It is also not possible to create new characters and item models, or directly mod the game.[1]


Players started exploiting the new Story Creator Mode by creating custom quests to level up by doing nothing, in so called 'XP farms'.[2] Ubisoft eventually responded by banning all player-created quests that allowed other to level up by doing nothing. Ubisoft also issued a statement saying that players who continue to create such quests will be sanctioned.[3]



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