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Storming the Fort was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline and Élise Lafleur set out to infiltrate the fort.


  • Élise: Now's our best chance. The highest ranking man I've seen is a teniente (lieutenant). He's lightly protected, but the fort is so big, we'll need to be smart to find him.
  • Aveline: I think we can handle that.
  • Élise: Oui (Yes). One thing confuses me. What would the Spanish want with the people of San Danje? Why them? Why now?
  • Aveline: This isn't the first time I've detected irregular activity around the Spanish. When they were first taking over, I stumbled on a plot to control the gouverneur and divert slaves to some underground project.
  • Élise: And?
  • Aveline: I thought I made sure it wouldn't happen again.
  • Élise: Let's go make doubly sure.

Aveline silently eliminated the guards, after which she and Élise entered the fort. They were spotted however, which caused the Spanish lieutenant to flee, forcing Aveline to chase after him while Élise provided cover fire with a musket. Aveline eventually cornered him atop the battlements, and killed him.

  • Élise: I suppose interrogation's out of the question now.
  • Aveline: There are quicker ways to get at the truth.
Storming the Fort 5

Aveline speaking with a prisoner

Aveline then freed the men in the cells.

  • Prisoner: Does this mean we won't get to board the work ship?
  • Aveline: Work ship? Where is this work ship bound?
  • Prisoner: Away from this wretched colony, forever, that's all I know.
  • Élise: Alright, everybody out! Come with me.
  • Prisoner: I'm going to die in this cesspool of a territory, aren't I?
  • Élise: Aveline, you'd better make yourself scarce before you incite any more gratitude. I'll escort these people back to San Danje.


Aveline and Élise successfully infiltrated the fort, but discovered little about the plans for the slaves. Having confirmed the involvement of the Spanish, Aveline returned to New Orleans to confer with Gérald.


  • The sequence in which Aveline runs after the lieutenant was changed slightly for the HD remake; in the Vita iteration, the scaffolding that the lieutenant ascends breaks under Aveline's feet as she tries to give chase, forcing her to take an alternate route. In the HD remake, the scaffolding does hold up, allowing Aveline to simply follow after the lieutenant.



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