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"The rumors did not embellish the truth. She's a leviathan."
―Shay Cormac, before engaging the Storm Fortress.[src]-[m]

The Storm Fortress

The Storm Fortress was one of seven legendary ships encountered by the Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac in the North Atlantic, during the Seven Years' War. She was described as the most powerful ship in the Assassin fleet at the time of that conflict.[1]

In battle, the Storm Fortress used unique mortars which, upon impact, set the surface on fire (similar to burning oil), to keep her targets at bay, as well as unleashing devastating broadsides with her many cannons when an enemy ship had wandered within range. When she had received sufficient damage, the Storm Fortress was reinforced by two other Men O' War, the Argonaut and the Sceptre. Despite all of these advantages, she was eventually sunk by the Morrigan.


  • Defeating the Storm Fortress, the Argonaut, and the Sceptre awards Shay the Storm Fortress figurehead and sails depicting a kraken, as well as the Templar Master outfit.
  • The Storm Fortress is the most powerful ship fought in the game, with a ship level of 99.
  • The Storm Fortress shares its model with the HMS Pembroke and La Dama Negra.
  • The sails of the Storm Fortress are very similar to those equipped by the Jackdaw when it became an Assassin ship.
  • The Storm Fortress is incredibly quick to maneuver and turn despite it being a Man O'War. It is also the only ship in the game that will fire three salvos with its broadside cannons. However, it lacks burning oil, so a viable strategy is to aim for its stern. Whenever the Storm Fortress aims with its broadside cannons, use the Morrigan's charge to quickly get out of the line of fire and behind it. The Storm Fortress will not use its mortars unless the player is far away, and in any case, a long-range battle is not recommended as avoiding the mortars will force the player to constantly stop and turn, reducing speed. Regaining speed is also rather difficult because of the wind and waves not necessarily working in the player's favor.