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Storm Chasing was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Ubayd is dead, but our mission in Granada is not complete. His killer, the Templar captain Garza, has fled into the streets of the city.

Najma is furious, full of conflicted feelings about her brother and his death, but we share a singular focus, For any number of reasons, Garza must die.

We give chase, though the streets and rooftops are slick with rain. He will not escape us. Our knives are sharp, our feet fleet, and we hunt Templars tonight.


The Assassins met on a rooftop near Granada's city walls.

  • Najma: Come! we need to catch Garza before he escapes!
  • Spanish Assassin: He will not be alone. This is going to be rough.

The Assassins made their way through the towers and along the walls, eventually cornering Garza on the edge of a rampart.

  • Spanish Assassin: No escape this time, Templar.
  • Garza: Even after I left you my dog Ubayd as a present? So ungrateful.
  • Spanish Assassin: You are a scourge to humanity. As are all Templars.
  • Garza: Come now, let us be reasonable.

Najma emerged from behind some rubble piled just past Garza.

  • Najma: Just die!

Najma plunged her Hidden Blade into Garza's neck, instantly killing him.

  • Najma: Good riddance.
  • Spanish Assassin: I'm sorry, Najma. This has not been easy, has it?
  • Najma: What ever is?
  • Spanish Assassin: There is still much work to be done here. Your skills would be a great boon to the Spanish Brotherhood and Granada still bleeds.
  • Najma: Yes. I think... my father would want that. Besides, you could use the help.
  • Spanish Assassin: Ha! We would be proud to have you, Najma Alayza.


The Assassins confronted Garza to avenge Ubayd's murder, but upon seeing that he was unrepentant, Najma assassinated the Templar. With Granada still needing much work to heal from the events of the recent war, and seeing that Najma's skills and knowledge as a local resident could be beneficial, the Spanish Assassins offered her a place in their Order, which she accepted.


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