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Early concept art of a Stone Circle

Stone Circles were a series of rock formations scattered throughout Egypt during the 1st century BCE. In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa visited a number of stone circles in order to keep a promise made to his deceased son Khemu, who had wanted to explore all of the stone circles and the Great Sphinx.[1]

Years later in 38 BCE, Bayek discovered additional stone circles in the Sinai.[2]

Stone Circles


  • It seems the locations for the Hathor Stone Circle and the Serqet Stone Circle were accidentally switched as the Prayer of Serqet used by her cult states, "Serqet, Selqet, Selkit we perform these rites in the shadow of your stone circle. In the caves beneath your stars." However, the cave near the House of Serqet is actually under the Hathor Stone Circle.
  • The Stone Circles seem to be based on archaeoastronomical structures found at Nabta Playa in the Nubian Desert.




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