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Sticky Bomb

The exterior of a sticky bomb

Sticky bomb casings were a component that was used in the crafting of bombs by Ottoman Assassins, which thanks to its resin coating could stick to any surface, including clothing and armor.

As a finished bomb was armed with a 5 second fuse, they were best used to eliminate or isolate specific targets, as well as being attached to an individual that was heading in the direction of the intended target.


Ezio: "Tell me about your special bomb casings."
Piri: "Well, I have some sticky resin bags. My uncle Kemal had a wild fondness for them. During Bayezid's conflict with Venezia (Venice), he was a captain in the Ottoman navy. He liked resin bombs because they stuck to almost any surface... the hulls of large ships, for instance."
―Piri Reis, describing the effectiveness of a sticky bomb casing to Ezio.[src]

When crafted with the casing, a bomb would stick to any surface and would explode after 5 seconds, which ensured that whatever was targeted would always be in the epicenter of the blast, allowing for maximum effect.

Alternatively, it could also be used to cause a delayed explosion in any area, and provided the Assassin Ezio Auditore walked away after throwing the bomb, no suspicion would arise towards him.

In terms of bomb-crafting, sticky casings could be used in conjunction with any gunpowder type or ingredient.


  • Throwing a sticky bomb at someone would not alert them, and they would be unaware of the bomb until it exploded.
  • The sticky casing was the rarest of the four variations, as Piri Reis' shop was the only place that sold them.


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