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"This is my one hope - that he smiles upon the choices I've made."
―Stephane to Connor over whether or not his father is proud of his choices.[src]

Stephane Chapheau (born 1743) was a French-Canadian chef in Boston during the American Revolutionary War. He was aided by the Assassin Connor when the British forces attempted to collect taxes from him, and was later recruited by Connor as an apprentice of the Colonial Brotherhood.


Early life

Chapheau was born in Canada. His father served as a cook for the French Army during the French and Indian War, serving for the officers. However, he was one of the many untrained soldiers conscripted to join the battlements and later as a result died fighting in the Plains of Abraham. After his death, Stephane took on work as a chef and moved to Boston in 1764.[1]

Rebellion against the British

"We are not English! We are not the King's men! We are free! But the King sends these REDCOATS to push us around! They are not our masters! This is our city! Let us show who owns this! It's time to fight!"
―Stephane starting a riot, 1773.[src]-[m]
While residing in Boston, Stephane was one of the dissenters among the populace with strong grievances against British Parliament policies for the colonies. As a result, he became a strong supporter of the Patriots' cause for independence from the British, leading to the American Revolutionary War.[1]

In 1765, he was part of a mob that protested against the British Parliament Stamp Act, which imposed direct taxation, and took part in the ransacking of governor Thomas Hutchinson's mansion. In 1770, Stephane was present in another protest which led to the Boston Massacre. Furthermore, Stephane was arrested and fined on several occasions for drunken behavior and brawling.[1]

In 1773, while working for William Molineux, a tax collector came to Stephane's house demanding he pay his tax. Stephane refused and angrily called him a thief, throwing the contents of his chamber pot at him. He then proceeded to brawl against the taxman and guards, during which, Connor came to his aid. In gratitude, Stephane offered to, one day, buy Connor a drink. Connor continued assisting the district by attacking tax enforcers and tea smugglers.[2]

After his home was robbed and his footlocker stolen by British soldiers, Stephane angrily led another mob in protest of the taxation. Stephane and Connor discovered a taxman in a market, prompting Stephane to attack him, plunging his butcher knife into his shoulder. The taxman, however, revealed that he actually worked for William Johnson. Stephane finished him off quickly to end his suffering, at the advice of Connor.[3]

Part of the Brotherhood

"I said I'd buy you an ale when you first helped me. In place of drink I offer you my allegiance, for what it's worth."
―Stephane to Connor, 1773.[src]-[m]
ACIII-Teaparty 7

Stephane assisting Connor during the Boston Tea Party

Connor, soon after, explained the truth about the Templar Order and the Assassins. Stephane offered to join in Connor's battles to fight against injustice and for freedom.[3] Stephane afterwards assisted Connor in the Boston Tea Party, fending off the guards and dumping crates of tea into the harbor.[4] After completing several missions assigned by Connor, Chapeau rose through the ranks and eventually became a fully fledged Assassin.[5]

In 1776, Stephane traveled to New York with the Mentor Achilles Davenport to stop Connor from being executed on false charges of plotting to murder George Washington. He helped Duncan Little and Clipper Wilkinson fight off Templar mercenaries as Connor escaped the hangman's noose and assassinated Thomas Hickey.[6]

In 1781, Chapheau, alongside Duncan, Deborah Carter and Jacob Zenger, helped the Marquis de Lafayette clear the tunnels to New York's militarized district, as part of Connor's plot to infiltrate Fort George and assassinate Charles Lee.[7]

Stephane and Lafayette discussed how having a King as a ruler would result in tyranny and hypocrisy, hence they argued that the people should have the right to elect their leaders. Chapheau jokingly suggested avoiding monarchy by having the country's ruler castrated.[7]


  • In combat, Stephane wielded a short blade. However, his weapon, which is simply his meat cleaver, is unique among all the combatants in Assassin's Creed III in that it can never be acquired by the player. All other Assassins and Templars wield a weapon that can be found in general stores.




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