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Stentor (born prior to 461 BCE) was a Spartan officer and the adopted son of Nikolaos of Sparta who lived during the 5th century BCE.


Battle for Megaris

In his childhood, Stentor was recognized by Nikolaos for his skills despite his young age. To this end, Nikolaos took in Stentor as his student and trained him under his wing. At some point, Stentor was adopted by Nikolaos as his son. Once Stentor reached the proper age, he joined and accompanied Nikolaos throughout his battles.[1]

In 431 BCE, Stentor joined Nikolaos as he led the invasion of the Athenian-controlled region of Megaris. Landing in the harbour, the Spartans were soon blockaded by the Athenian navy and surrounded by Athenian soldiers. However, they were soon able to repel the attack with the help of the misthios Kassandra, who destroyed the blockade.[1] Unbeknowst to Stentor, Kassandra was the daughter of Nikolaos who was believed dead during an incident on Mount Taygetos.[2]

Following Kassandra and Nikolaos' meeting after the decisive battle in Megaris[3], Nikolaos disappeared, and Stentor became the leader of his men.[4]

Meanwhile back in Sparta, the government had reclaimed the home of the family, awaiting Stentor's return from the war, given that he was the last verifiably alive and Spartan citizen member of the family.[5]

Conquering Boeotia

Stentor: "The gods are punishing me with your presence."
Kassandra: "If I was your punishment, you'd already be dead."
―Stentor meeting Kassandra after their encounter in Megaris. 427 BCE.[src]-[m]
ACOD The Conqueror 2

Stentor meeting Kassandra once again after Megaris

Around 427 BCE, Stentor was assigned as the polemarch of the Spartan army in Boeotia. After Kleon had taken over Athens, his forces pushed Spartans out of Attika, and thus they had turned their gaze to Boeotia, believing that taking the region would weaken Kleon's position, because Boeotia had agreed to a temporary alliance with Athens.[4]

Around the same time, King Archidamos tasked Kassandra to secure Boeotia, giving her a royal edict. When she reached the Spartan Military Camp within the Ruins of Plataia, she was surprised to see Stentor, who greeted her with a fist to her face, bemoaning that the gods were punishing him with her presence. As he told Kassandra that she was just a weapon, she responded by telling him to put her to use. In response, Stentor told her to hunt down and deal with the four Champions of Boeotia: the strategos Aristaios, the mercenary Deianeira, the athlete Drakon, and the huntress Nesaia. Despite Kassandra's readiness, Stentor hoped that the four would live up to their legendary status and kill her instead.[4]

When Kassandra returned victorious, Stentor was furious. Despite this, they clashed with the Athenian forces, and won Boeotia.[4]

Following that battle, Stentor challenged Kassandra to a duel. Before they could exchange a single blow, though, Nikolaos returned and broke them apart. Bidding farewell, Kassandra left them.[4]


  • The Wolf of Sparta is one of the first quests in which the decisions made have long-reaching effects.
    • Sparing Nikolaos in the quest The Wolf of Sparta allows later side quests which reward Stentor and Nikolaos as crew members on the Adrestia.
    • If Nikolaos is killed, Stentor attacks Kassandra. Regardless of what Kassandra does with him, he will re-appear in Boeotia, with no explanation of how he survived. The left side of his face is scarred, and without Nikolaos present to stop the battle after conquering Boeotia, Stentor and Kassandra will engage. During the battle Stentor will mention eradicating Kassandra's "filthy bloodline". After Stentor is beaten, his men will turn on him and abandon him. If spared, Stentor will be exiled and become a mercenary, hunting Kassandra until slain or recruited. If recruited in this manner Stentor will be verbally hostile while serving as a Lieutenant on Adrestia.
    • If Stentor is slain, a clue for the Sage of the Peloponnesian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos is gained, possibly revealing Stentor's awareness of the Cult and that he was being groomed to join that branch's ranks.
      • Stentor's allegiance and awareness of the Cult if Nikolaos is alive are unknown, canon-wise, although scanning Stentor with Ikaros in-game reveals he carries the letter on his person, both before and after the duel is interrupted.
  • Stentor's childhood could allude to him being a trophimos or syntrophos, a non-citizen adopted and raised to the Spartiate class.




  1. In the Assassin's Creed: Odyssey novel, Stentor is noted to be at least 30 when first introduced as is custom for Spartan officers.


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