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"Tell Stella Crow that the Assassin's Brotherhood does not encourage rivalry between its members!"
―Shaun Hastings to Jonathan Hawk.[src]-[m]

Stella Crow

Stella Crow was a member of the modern-day Assassins and a descendant of Lugos, an unidentified Egyptian Assassin and Ali Al-Ghraib. She oversaw a cell of Assassins based in London, of which Jonathan Hawk was also a member.


Early life

Very little is known about Crow's background, except that at some point, she became the leader of an Assassin cell based in London. In addition, her family history was strongly linked to the Assassins, due to her many Assassin ancestors.[1]

Obsession with Lugos

At some point, Crow tasked Jonathan Hawk to explore the memory of Accipiter, an Aleman ancestor of his who lived during the 3rd century and was a member of the Liberalis Circulum, a Hidden Ones branch operating during the Roman Empire.[2] Since the Liberalis Circulum was founded by Lugos, this mission was very important to Crow, as she was somewhat obsessed with her own ancestor. Bolstered by this, she fervently tried on many occasions to contact him through the Animus, proving unsuccessful every time.[1]

Crow's personal quest took a fortunate turn when Shaun Hastings contacted her to inform her that he had clues on Lugos' whereabouts. Indeed, while Hawk was reliving Accipiter's life, Desmond Miles was experiencing the memory of two of his own ancestors, Aquilus and Valeria, who had worked with Accipiter on a mission concerning the Ankh of Isis. The team had even found the artifact hidden in Monteriggioni by Valeria and a holographic message of Lugos' last moments, informing his brothers that in addition to the Ankh, he had discovered another Piece of Eden.[2] This lead corroborated with Crow's own discoveries about the Scepter of Aset, recovered by Italian fishermen in a shipwreck with a belt harboring a crow – the emblem of Lugos – and sold to an Egyptian merchant.[1]

Indeed, minutes before Hasting's call, Crow had seen through the eyes of one of her Assassin ancestors during a session in the Animus and found that the recovered Scepter was given to the Mamluks of Egypt by the Brotherhood in the 13th century.[1]

Stella then undertook the task of finding the artifact, while ordering a surprised Shaun to concentrate his team efforts exclusively on Ezio Auditore da Firenze and his Apple of Eden. Crow then called Jonathan Hawk, who was in the hospital for an artificial eye, and instructed him to go to Monteriggioni in Italy to gather all the information collected by Shaun's team and File 24 – a dossier about the Scepter – which had been already sent to Desmond.[1]

Three days later, having contacted the other cells, Crow was granted permission to take the mission from Desmond. Stella subsequently called Desmond and told him to hand over all he had on the case to Hawk, who had just arrived at Monteriggioni. As Hawk discovered, the File 24 indicated Egypt as the last place where the Scepter had been seen. Shaun, who didn't like Crow's harsh manner, asked Jonathan before he left to tell Stella that ambition and competition were not the way of the Assassins.[1]

Race for the Scepter

Stella accusing Nancy of the accident that happened to Hawk

A few days later, when Hawk had returned to London, the two other Assassins under Stella's command followed a short break in the Animus made by Hawk, the latter visiting the genetic memory of his Egyptian ancestor from the fourteenth century, Numa Al'Khamsin. But while Stella had entrusted the supervision of Hawk to Nancy, a serious incident occurred; due to his low tolerance to the Animus, Jonathan suffered a stroke and was brought directly to the emergency room.[1]

The incident happened as the timer that Nancy had installed on the Animus had exceeded the usual 15 minutes, having deregulated unexpectedly, exposing Hawk to a period in the Animus too long for his body. Stella severely reprimanded Nancy, kicking her off the team and even threatening to consult the other cells in order to expel her from the Brotherhood.[1]

Oblivious to Stella though, the cell's fourth member Steve was actually a mole serving the Templars. With his warning, the chairmen of Abstergo Industries also launched a search for the Scepter, with Laetitia England commissioning one of her most lethal agents, Vernon Hest, to find the artifact before the Assassins.[1]

Confronting Steve

Stella and Nancy confronting Steve

While Hawk remained unconscious after the incident, Stella and Nancy had found out Steve’s secret defection to the Templar cause. Waiting outside for Steve to leave Jonathan's room, the two confronted Steve after he tried to kill Jonathan by removing his oxygen mask.[3]

Although Steve remained calm and tried to explain his presence at the hospital, when Jonathan appeared at his side Steve pushed Nancy aside and he tried to flee. Jonathan, however, chased him down and killed him. Although Stella was relieved that the Templar-mole was dealt with, she mourned the fact there was no chance of interrogating Steve.[3]


  • While Stella is a descendant of the Assassin Lugos, the founder of Liberalis Circulum, she has never managed to achieve synchronization with her ancestor's memories, despite all the time spent in the Animus.[1]
  • Crow's cell and its members seem to mirror that of Lucy Stillman's, with Stella acting as the leader, Jonathan taking on the role of the Animus subject, and Nancy and Steve being the technician and archivist, respectively.
  • Stella is Latin for "star".