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Stealth in Sahagún was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

We successfully secured Alvarado's release from the Inquisitorial dungeon, saving him from torture and death. Alvarado has confirmed that Ramírez himself is here in the north! If we could find him and stop him from acquiring the final section of the Staff of Eden, we would score a major blow against Torquemada.

Alvarado has also given us the location of Chacon, one of Ramírez's lieutenants in the region. Together we will go to Sahagún, eliminate this Lieutenant Chacon, and search for any useful information he may possess regarding the hunt for the third section of the Staff of Eden.


The Assassins met Diego Alvarado outside Chacon's headquarters.

  • Alvarado: Lieutenant Chacon seeks clues to the location of the section of the Staff in Sahagún. He has been harassing and intimidating local citizens. He records his search in a journal. Find that journal, and we will know all he has unearthed. He may even possess information regarding the identities and locations of other lieutenants in other towns. Good luck!

The Assassins made their way through the base and soon reached Chacon in his personal quarters. Wordless, he engaged them in combat but was fatally wounded. The Assassins then unlocked the door to Chacon's private study, where they found his journal open on a desk.

Retrieved Documents

  • Another unfruitful day. I must make another empty report to Lieutenant del Salto, who directs the search operations from his villa near León. His task of consolidating the intel from searches across northern Spain is enviable; at least he does not have to deal with hostile villagers! - Chacon


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