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Steal the Artifact was a virtual training mode in the second stage of the Animi Training Program.


The objective of the mode was to steal an artifact and hold onto it for as long as possible to achieve the highest score. Sessions were played by 4 to 8 Abstergo recruits, and consisted of a single ten-minute round.

Upon initializing into the mode, there was one or two artifacts situated on the selected map, that each recruit would aim to retrieve. Once a recruit stole an artifact, they would become a target until they were killed by another recruit and their artifact stolen, or until they had survived for a portion of time.

Whenever a recruit killed a carrier of an artifact, they would be teleported to another location on the map, to avoid being immediately killed by any other recruits who were also closing in after the artifact.

While a recruit carried an artifact, they would receive a boosted score depending on the amount of pursuers who were in close proximity, as well as another should they manage to survive up to two minutes with the artifact. Additionally, they would receive a score bonus if they hid whilst carrying the artifact, especially if their pursuers were near to their location.

Another aspect that was beneficial to hiding while in possession of the artifact was that running with it caused an icon to display over the recruit's head, making it easy for the other recruits to track their location.