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Starving Times was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with Élise at le Marais.


  • Arno: What do you know about grain merchants?
  • Élise: Good to see you too. Most of them are very poor just now. Why?
  • Arno: I have a lead on Germain. He has a woman named Marie buying up grain shipments and diverting them to a private dock.
  • Élise: Marie Lévesque?
  • Arno: You know her?
  • Élise: The Lévesques have been Templars since the Third Crusade. Marie was the only one who argued against Germain's exile; I'm not surprised she's thrown in with him.
  • Arno: Any idea where we might find her?
  • Élise: Not her, no. But what little grain makes it to Paris these days is unloaded at the Hôtel de Ville docks.
  • Arno: Promising. I'll start there.
  • Élise: Perhaps I can learn something of Madame Lévesque's whereabouts.

Arno left for the docks.

  • Guard: Order, order!
  • Citizens: Let us through!
    We're starving!
  • Guard: One at a time!

Arno reached the docks and saw a barge sail past the dock workers.

Starving Times 3

The barge passing the quay

  • Worker 1: Hey! Come back here!
  • Worker 2: You've missed the quay, you dolts!
  • Worker 3: Where are you going?
  • Arno: Time to chase a boat.

Arno followed the barge.

  • Captain: To port!
    Pull! Pull! Pull!
    Faster, you dogs!
    Watch to starboard!
    Row, god damn you!
  • Woman: Look out!

A cargo crane collapsed, clearing the path for Arno. The barge stopped at a guarded quay.

  • Captain: Heave to! Tie off that bowline!
Starving Times 5

Lévesque approaching the captain

  • Lévesque: Captain. Any problems?
  • Captain: No, madame.
  • Lévesque: You have your orders?

The captain pulled out his orders.

  • Captain: Here, madame.
  • Lévesque: Good. And I'm instructed to tell you to make certain one of the bags leaks.
  • Captain: Err... yes, madame.

Lévesque left.

  • Captain: Get to work!

Arno stole the orders from the captain and escaped the docks. He then read the orders.


Arno learned from Élise that the woman hoarding grain was called Marie Lévesque. Stealing a set of orders from the captain of a grain barge, he discovered that Lévesque would be at the Luxembourg Palace.



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