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"It's all he drinks, your syrup is liquefying him. It's turning him simple-headed!"
―A London citizen on the effects of Starrick's Soothing Syrup, 1868.[src]

Starrick's Soothing Syrup

Starrick's Soothing Syrup was a concoction containing distilled opium and datura stramonium - Devil's snare - a powerful hallucinogen and deliriant, that ravaged London's citizens during the 19th century.


Formulated by the Templar Grand Master and businessman Crawford Starrick and produced by Dr. John Elliotson, the Starrick's Soothing Syrup drug was exported internationally and locally by peddlers and merchants. Though the drug had multiple side-effects which caused the locals to complain, its production did not waver.

Sometime in 1868, the Assassin Jacob Frye took it upon himself to investigate the source of the syrup. Tracking down its distributors, Jacob was led to a distillation factory, where, along with the concerned scientist Charles Darwin, he discovered the drug's components and ingredients.

The pair decided to sabotage the distillery tank by tampering with the pressure valves, causing the building to be filled with toxic gas. The subsequent explosion dealt a heavy blow to the production of the syrup, with Jacob's assassination of Elliotson at Lambeth Asylum ending it permanently.



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