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Stalk the Stalker was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie offered her help to Agnes MacBean after she learned that the latter was being stalked by a young man.


  • Agnes: I need a wee bit of advice.
    I been lookin' for ye!
    These past few days, when I been doin' muh rounds, some barmpot starts followin' me! Nervous looking laddie. He's up to nae guid!
  • Evie: Tell you what, do your rounds as usual. If he appears, I'll keep an eye on him. When we return, pull him into the train.
  • Agnes: Aye, all right.

Evie made her way to the Southwark borough and kept watch as Agnes spoke with an acquaintance.

  • Acquaintance: Agnes. Take care, there's a gang out lookin' for ya.
  • Agnes: Not at all. Just one glaikit (foolish) laddie followin' me.
  • Acquaintance: You certain?
  • Agnes: Certain as can be.

Agnes went on her way, followed by a young man.

  • Evie: There he is, the rascal.

As Evie tailed Agnes' stalker, a civilian commented on the young man's curious behaviour.

  • Civilian 1: Are you hiding from someone?

The stalker ignored him and continued on, but bumped into another civilian.

  • Civilian 2: Watch where yer bloody goin'!
  • Nigel: Oh, so sorry, miss!
  • Civilian 2: That's "missus" to you, you great oaf.

As he crossed the street, a child noticed him as well.

  • Child: What's that man doing, mama?

Evie continued to tail the stalker, who attempted to blend with two workers.

ACS Stalk the Stalker 3

Nigel getting in argument with two civilians

  • Civilian 3: You damn pillock!
  • Nigel: Sorry, but that woman's from an important gang!
  • Civilian 3: Gang? What gang's that?
  • Nigel: I think it's in a train!

The stalker then left to continue following Agnes.

  • Civilian 3: Sounds like the bastards what beat ol' Kaylock. Alert the lads on the rooftops, we'll take her out!

The other worker called out to a sniper nearby.

  • Civilian 4: She's right there. The one with the ninny following her about!
  • Snipers: Who's that idiot following her?
    There she is! Take her out!
    Forget about that moron following her. She's the one we're after!
    That bloke couldn't keep up with a turtle!

Evie assassinated the snipers before they could fire at Agnes, who managed to arrive safely at a merchant.

  • Merchant: Agnes! Are you all right, dear?
  • Agnes: Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?
  • Merchant: There's a whole gang out to get you!
  • Agnes: Nah. It's some eejit can't even follow me proper.
  • Merchant: No, they're dangerous. It might be an ambush in the station!
  • Agnes: Don't be daft!
  • Evie: I must get to the station before Agnes does.

Evie made her way to the train station and defeated the Blighters that had been lying in wait there.

  • Evie: That's that then. Now what's happening with the fellow who's following Agnes?
ACS Stalk the Stalker 7

Agnes demanding Nigel identify himself

Evie reached the Train Hideout, where she waited until Agnes arrived with her stalker in tow. Agnes then pulled the young man into the train, demanding he explain himself.

  • Agnes: Who are ya?
  • Nigel: Er, Nigel. Nigel Bumble.
  • Evie: Why were you following us?
  • Nigel: I want to join your gang!
  • Agnes: Ach, for Christ's sake! He knows who we are now!

Amused, Evie motioned for Agnes to ease up.

  • Agnes: All right, laddie. I can use ya ta tidy up the train a bit, if ya dunna min' gettin' dirty.
  • Nigel: Really? Terrific! You won't regret it, miss!


Evie protected Agnes from a Blighter ambush and gained a new recruit for the Rooks in Nigel Bumble.



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