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Stairway to Olympos was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra accompanied Empedokles to the Isle of Thisvi to meet his "family".


[Meeting with the idiot]

[Cutscene, idiot opens door, gets flattened by Cyclops, Kassandra looks up with... worry? Nah, that's not in her character, anyway: *Kassandra: Málaka.]

Kassandra engaged the Cyclops, firing arrows into its glowing eye. When the beast charged, a well-timed arrow brought it stumbling to its knees, allowing her to close in and deliver stronger blows. The creature shook the cave violently, bringing down chunks of stalactites from the ceiling. Kassandra made sarcastic remarks as she weakened the creature.

  • Kassandra: And I thought Empedokles was the handsomest one in the family.

Once she weakened the Cyclops, it retreated to grab a chunk of the eye sigil's stone bordering to swing as a club, greatly increasing its attack range. It roared as it returned to battle Kassandra and also began blocking its eye as it charged to prevent her from shooting at it. Kassandra continued her assault and timed her dodges to account for the increased range of the makeshift club, and eventually she brought the Cyclops down for good. She reached her hand into its eye socket to extract the still-glowing eye. It shook violently in her hands as an image of the Cyclops appeared behind her, reaching its hand towards her.

  • Unknown: ...Grant us the sight to watch over our legacy...

Kassandra grit her teeth and continued to struggle against the artifact. Her willpower and unique blood allowed her to resist the artifact's command, and it reverted to the form of a silver, apple-like ball. Kassandra exhaled and pocketed the artifact before leaving the crushed remains of Empedokles, as well as the desiccated human-sized corpse of the artifact's previous owner, behind.


While Empedokles met his fate at the hands of Brontes the Cyclops, Kassandra slew the beast and claimed the artifact from its corpse.


  • Despite the quest description, Empedokles is not clothed anymore than in Kythera Island.



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