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ACOD Olympia Stadium

Stadium in Olympia

The Stadium within the Sanctuary of Olympia in Elis was a location which held many sport events of the ancient Olympic Games.

Near the entrance to the Stadium was the monument of the Zanes of the Cheats, to shame the athletes who had cheated or otherwise broken the rules of the Olympics.[1]

During the 428 BCE Olympics, Kallipateira was caught trying to sneak into the stadium while dressed as a man. According to her, she merely wanted to see her pankratist son Peisirrhodos compete, but the law stated that it was forbidden for married women to watch the events.[2]

Despite the law the Spartan misthios Kassandra participated in the pankration matches at the stadium, representing Sparta instead of their champion Testikles. Kassandra fought Orion, Erastos,[3] and ultimately the reigning Pankration champion Dorieus, Kallipateira's brother.[4]



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