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Stable is a shed built for animals, particularly horses.


5th century BCE

In 5th century BCE Greece stables were a part of the everyday life, as horses were a key method of transportation. Some stables had a mythical element to their existence, like the Stable of Augeias within Kingdom of Pelops in Elis.[1]

1st century BCE

During the 1st century BCE, Themistocles of Kanopos set up Zephyros Stables near Kanopos, Egypt. Later, his son Philocrates took over the estate. Zephyros Stables was the sponsor of the chariot-racing team Prasina Green, with both of Philocrates' sons, Icarus and Nikias, racing for the team.[2]


Before the liberation of Rome, the city's stables were in disrepair and disuse. In 1500, Niccolò Machiavelli met with Ezio Auditore da Firenze. After dispatching a nearby Borgia tower, Ezio renovated a stable, allowing the pair to navigate Rome by horseback. Ezio renovated more stables in the city, increasing the amount of available horses in Rome and the amount of money in received in banks.[3]


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