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Spring-Heeled Jack was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


With information from Charles Dickens, Jacob or Evie set out to stop Spring-heeled Jack.


The Frye twins entered a tavern

  • Civilian 1: The aura of death surrounds thee both! Get thee behind me!
  • Dickens: Alas, these days stupidity is all too prevalent! You know, I never asked your names when last we met.
  • Evie: I'm Evie Frye, and this is my brother Jacob.
  • Dickens: Tell me: Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Jacob: Not particularly.
  • Evie: Yes.
  • Dickens: I am skeptical myself. Here we are in the world's most advanced city, yet its citizens are so in thrall to the supernatural they leave themselves vulnerable to charlatans! Which is why I joined 'The Ghost Club', the first society in the world to look systematically at the phenomenon. Because truth, like a spirit, must be cajoled, before it will reveal itself! Will you join us?
  • Jacob: Sounds absolutely ridiculous! Why not.
  • Evie: It does sound intriguing.
  • Dickens: Splendid! I have your first case!

The twins complied, Evie gladly and Jacob hesitantly.

  • Dickens: There's been some disturbing reports about a series of assaults in Lambeth. People claim they're being attacked by an age-old demon, Spring-Heeled Jack! The fiend is no doubt on the prowl as we speak! It's up to you to find him.

One of the twins located a potential victim of the ghost and interviewed her.

  • Victim 1: It was horrible: glowing eyes, huge claws... And his laugh! Luckily he was frightened away by some passerby. Somebody has to do something before he attacks another!

Evie or Jacob found another potential victim. A lunatic in demon disguise suddenly attacked the man and the twin had to defend him.

  • Passerby: The miscreant had claws on his hands!
  • Jack: It's never that easy!

However, Jack threw a smoke bomb at Evie or Jacob, escaping. The twin investigated Spring-heeled Jack's tracks. Each twin will react differently.

  • Jacob: I have you now.
  • Evie: Looks like he ran this way.

Following the tracks, it lead the twin to a building.

  • Jacob: Claw marks on the walls?
  • Evie: Perhaps the legend is true and he does have giant claws.

Jacob or Evie followed more tracks and eventually reached a warehouse.

  • Jacob: Out of the way warehouse. Lots of guards. Masked lunatic inside. This is the bloody life!
  • Evie: A heavily guarded warehouse, hm? I wonder what they're heavily guarding.

The twin infiltrated the warehouse and killed the cultists.

  • Jack: Who are you to deny us our sport? The scum of London are as base as animals, and we treat them as such! We take our inspiration from Jack, who knows how to treat the lower classes.

Eventually, the Assassin killed Spring-heeled Jack.


Jacob or Evie confirmed that the "demon" Spring-heeled Jack was just a cultist in disguise, scaring civilians. The Assassin also managed to eliminate the cult, ending their activities in London.



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