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Special Delivery was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


At the end of the day, Ezio Auditore returned to his father to check if he had any more errands for him. Giovanni then asked Ezio to deliver letters to a few of his associates in the city, as well as pick up a message at a nearby pigeon coop, to which Ezio agreed.


Ezio knocked and entered his father's office.

  • Giovanni: Ezio! Come in, son. I need these packages delivered to associates of mine in the city. I also need you to retrieve a message for me from a pigeon coop not too far from here.
  • Ezio: Va bene. (Okay.) I'll get it done.
  • Giovanni: Come back here when you're finished. There are some things we need to discuss. And please, my son, stay out of trouble, hmm?

Ezio reached an enclosed yard, where he met a thief and a courtesan.

  • Thief: You Giovanni's kid?
  • Courtesan: No idiota (idiot). He just happens to look EXACTLY like the man.
  • Thief: Give it here.

Ezio, confused slightly about the association of his father with the two, handed them the package regardless.

  • Thief: Don't worry boy, we're not contagious.

The thief then looked at the courtesan next to him.

  • Thief: Least I'm not...

Irritated at his remark, the courtesan then elbowed the thief in the chest, and after receiving the package, the two left Ezio. On arriving to his next location of the delivery, Ezio found a mercenary on a nearby platform, who called over to him.

  • Mercenary: Here. Over here!

Ezio climbed onto the platform.

  • Ezio: I have a delivery from–
  • Mercenary: –Giovanni Auditore?
  • Ezio: Yes.
  • Mercenary: Were you followed?
  • Ezio: No... Why would I be followed?
  • Mercenary: Give me the package.

Ezio handed him the package.

  • Mercenary: Tell your father that they're moving tonight. He should as well.
  • Ezio: Who's moving? What's going on here?

The mercenary left without answering.

  • Ezio: Wait! Come back! Explain yourself!

However, without looking back, the mercenary left Ezio standing in confusion. Following this, Ezio went to the pigeon coop that was asked of him, before he witnessed several guards running in the direction of his home.


Ezio delivered the letters his father had given to him, and retrieved a message from the pigeon coop.



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