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ACOD Spear of Kephalos

Spear of Kephalos

The Spear of Kephalos was a spear which was said to have belonged to Kephalos, a figure in Greek mythology whom the island of Kephallonia was named after.

According to stories, the gods gave Kephalos the spear, said to never miss. One day, while out hunting, Kephalos accidentally killed his wife Prokris, after mistaking her for a deer. Driven with guilt and shame, Kephalos hid in the spear in the Melissani Cave.[1]

The stories of the spear were later passed down through generations and by 431 BCE a priestess from the Temple of Zeus in the village of Sami sought to recover the spear and use it to lure in pilgrims. To do that, she requested that the misthios Kassandra look for the spear. However, Kassandra secretly kept the spear for herself, informing the priestess that she found nothing.[1]


Rarity Damage Default Engravings Availability
Rare 7469 +23% Hunter Damage Complete In the Footsteps of Gods by lying that the spear could not be found


  • The spear can only be obtained by claiming not to have found it in the cave.




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