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Dionysos watching over the Spartan training territory

The Spartan training territory was a place in the woods around Sparta in Lakonia, Greece. It was one of the places for the agoge, the training of the Spartan youths.

Watched over by a statue of the god Dionysos, those willing to pass the agoge came to the place to prove themselves.[1]

During her childhood, the location was where Myrrine first trained her daughter Kassandra to use her spear.[2] When they returned to Sparta during the Peloponnesian War, the two stopped at the spot for a moment to reminisce. While there, they observed two Agoge Fighters, Hebontes and Nikeratos, battling wolves. While Kassandra expressed the opinion that they should help the boys, Myrrine reminded her of the point of the agoge.[3]




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