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Southbound was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Having deciphered the map she was given by Antonio de Ulloa, Aveline went to the docks to start her journey to Mexico.


While contemplating how to board a ship, Aveline was found by Gérald.

  • Gérald: Aveline! Agaté warned me of your flight to Mexico. Do you intend to abandon your business, and the slaves in New Orleans? What about your family?
  • Aveline: My father sends me to Cuba to find suppliers with his blessing. And you're more than fit to run the business in my absence. I must follow our enemy.
  • Gérald: And when were you going to tell me?
  • Aveline: I couldn't risk you trying to stop me.
  • Gérald: Is this all you see in me? Business? Orders? Aveline, I care for you!
  • Aveline: Gérald, don't be angry. You know we cannot mix... feelings... with work. I had hoped to spare--
  • Gérald: Since I know I cannot stop you, is there any last assistance I can provide?
  • Aveline: I admit, my plan to board this ship is clumsy.
  • Gérald: There's a compound nearby, where slaves are held--slaves bound to Mexico. You can gain access to the ship by blending with them.
  • Aveline: I won't be able to take my weapons.
  • Gérald: How will you defend yourself? Right. Silly question. I'll hold them for you until your return.
  • Aveline: Thank you, Gérald. You're a true, true friend.

Aveline then infiltrated the holding area, where she blended in with the slaves, allowing her to get onto the slave ship unnoticed.


Aveline managed to board a ship to Mexico.


  • In the Vita iteration, the memory starts at the de Grandpré mansion, where Aveline then deciphers de Ulloa's map. This part is cut out entirely in the HD remake, where the memory immediately begins at the docks. Additionally, while the Vita iteration's memory finishes as soon as Aveline starts blending with the slaves, in the HD remake she still needs to follow them to the ship.
    • Blending with the group of slaves while traveling to the ship automatically triggers the final cutscene after the group has reached the pier. If Aveline instead follows the group from a distance, the final cutscene is only triggered once she reaches the ship itself.
      • In this final cutscene, Madeleine de L'Isle can be seen near the ship, hinting her implication in the Templar conspiracy.



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