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Sosipatros (died c. 428 BCE) was a mercenary in service to Lagos, the Archon of Arkadia, gaining him the title "the Archon's Servant".


Around 429 BCE, Sosipatros was hired by the Spartan general Brasidas to wait for the misthios Kassandra at the Statue of Artemis and direct her to Brasidas and her mother, Myrrine. Sosipatros, however, had been paid off by a third-party to obstruct Kassandra. After being defeated in combat, he told Kassandra where she could find Brasidas and her mother.[1]


  • If spared, Sosipatros will roam the world until encountering Kassandra again. He can be knocked out and recruited as a lieutenant for the Adrestia.
  • When slain, Kassandra retrieves a letter from Brasidas, as well as a ring, regardless of when Sosipatros is slain.
  • Sosipatros carries a shield emblazoned with the emblem of Phokis, and wields a blade identical to the Epsilon Blade.