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Sorkin is a member of Abstergo Industries' Sigma Team. He serves as an unofficial right-hand man to Juhani Otso Berg, the leader of the team, and Violet da Costa, the team's tactical support.


Sorkin was one of the few survivors of the original Sigma Team's raid on Florence in late 2012, which ended in the unit's decimation when Assassin Adriano Maestranzi bombed the safe house with most of the team's operatives inside. Although the team would reform not soon after, Master Templar Laetitia England later reassigned Sigma Team's agents to further the Phoenix Project, rather than eliminate the remaining Assassins. [citation needed]

In February 2014, Sigma Team was briefly reformed to hunt down the Assassins Harlan Cunningham and Arend Schut, who had stolen the Precursor box from a storage facility in Rotterdam. Sorkin was tasked with leading the other operatives and going after after Schut, while Berg pursued Cunningham by himself. [citation needed]

Tracking down his target, Sorkin engaged Schut in hand-to-hand combat and was quickly overpowered. The Assassin then used Sorkin as a shield from a sniper shot, before taking out several operatives and escaping. Although both targets eventually managed to get away, Sigma Team did succeed in recovering the stolen artifact, with Sorkin surviving the wound he had sustained. [citation needed]

In October of the same year, a team of Assassins led by Gavin Banks destroyed a facility in Paris containing the body of the Sage John Standish. Sigma Team pursued the Assassins, but were outnumbered; Sorkin was stabbed seven times by Galina Voronina during the fray. Nonetheless, Sorkin survived the attack, as revealed in a conversation in early November between Violet da Costa and Berg, who were expecting an update about the operative's medical condition. [citation needed]



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