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ACO Ambush in the Temple - Hasina And Soris

Soris and Hasina spotting Bayek

Soris was a son of Menehet, a priest of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Soris grew up in Yamu with his parents and siblings, Hasina, Nailah, and Keba because his father, Menehet, was a respected priest of Yamu's Temple of Sekhmet. As children, he and his siblings were acquainted with Menehet's friend, the Medjay of Siwa, Bayek, who he affectionately addressed as Uncle Bayek and enjoyed playing games with.[1]

ACO Ambush in the Temple - Bayek Surrounded

Soris and his siblings "attack" Bayek

One such instance occurred in 48 BCE when the Medjay stopped by the temple to visit his friend while on his way to Alexandria to reunite with his wife, Aya. Although Soris and his siblings were supposed to be with their mother at the time, they left to play in the temple. Seeing Bayek, they sneaked up behind him while he was placing a lily into the sacred pond. While the Medjay had noticed their approach, he played along with them, allowing Soris and Hasina to pounce on him. In his excitement to see Bayek, Soris then asked him to pick him up.[1]

Immediately afterwards, they initiated a game of hide-and-seek, with Soris choosing a spot in the rear court which held a stage and three cages — the center one holding a hyena. Soris's life was endangered when the hyena was accidentally released from its cage and attacked him. Fortunately for Soris, Bayek noticed his peril and saved him from the hyena just in time. After the rest of his siblings were found, they all were returned home by the Medjay.[1]

Later, just before Bayek left, he paid the children one last visit while they were playing with toy horses in the public court by the pylon entrance. Saying farewell to Soris, Bayek told him that he would give him a lesson in swordsmanship upon his next visit.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Among his siblings, Soris was the more reckless one, choosing a spot by a hyena cage during a game of hide-and-seek and somehow accidentally releasing it. Like all his siblings, he was playful and lively as a child, with a fondness for the Medjay Bayek who he saw as his own uncle.[1] Given how he witnessed Bayek kill the hyena to protect him, he was awed by the Medjay's combat skills.[2]



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