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Sophokles (c. 497/496 BCE – c. 406/405 BCE), also spelt Sophocles, was an ancient Greek tragedian who lived during the 5th century BCE.


In 431 BCE, Sophokles was one of the individuals invited by the statesman Perikles to attend a symposium held in his home in Athens. At the party, Sophokles engaged in a conversation with fellow tragedian Euripides. Sophokles voiced out his unhappiness when Euripides became associated with a young comedy playwright named Aristophanes, who joined their conversation. Sophokles later walked off into the kitchen, infuriated.[1]

A while later, Sophokles was visited by the misthios Kassandra, who came to the party looking for information in regards to her mother's whereabouts. Sophokles directed Kassandra to speak with Euripides, who would probably know more information than him. As Euripides would not talk without a drink. Sophokles suggested that Kassandra invite him for a drink and ensure that he remained drunk. The plan was a success and Kassandra was able to obtain some information while Euripides caused quite a bit of a scene at the party.[2]

During the Plague of Athens, Sophokles remained at Perikles' residence alongside his fellow colleagues.[3]




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