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Somewhere That's Green was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


As Jacob and Evie arrived in London, they sought out the Assassin Henry Green to devise a plan to take down the Templars in the city.


Jacob and Evie left the Whitechapel train station.

  • Jacob: I've never seen so many people all at once.
  • Evie: "The churning seas of London." It's just the way Father described. Now, to find Henry Green and formulate a plan of attack against the Templars.
  • Jacob: Who's Mister Green, again?
  • Evie: The Assassin watching over London. Did you not listen the first three times?
  • Jacob: Listen to what?

A young boy ran into Jacob.

  • Jacob: Oi! Watch it!
  • Boy: Beg pardon, sir!

As the boy ran away, Jacob found that he had been pickpocketed.

  • Jacob: Oi! Come back here, you filthy dipper!
  • Evie: Jacob! Stop!
ACS Somewhere That's Green 3

Jacob chasing the pickpocket

Jacob chased the thief and reached an alley.

  • Jacob: Fine, you little mobsman!... Keep it.

Two thugs approached Jacob.

  • Thug 1: Well, well. What do we have here?
  • Thug 2: You're on our property.

Jacob fought and killed the thugs.

  • Jacob: Ha, ha! Excellent. What else does London have to offer?

Evie caught up with Jacob.

  • Evie: Now is not the time for tourism, Jacob. Now's the time to find Henry Green. I've always been the quicker climber, haven't I?
  • Jacob: Not since we were two.
  • Evie: Race you to the highest vantage point.

Jacob and Evie raced to a factory rooftop.

  • Evie: You're going to lose again!
  • Jacob: Not on my watch!

Jacob and Evie climbed onto the rooftop.

  • Evie: Where is Mister Green's shop located? It was marked on Father's map...

An Assassin climbed up behind them.

  • Henry: Two Assassins. Equal in height. One female, one male. Two decades old, and those devilish smiles. You must be the Frye twins.
  • Evie: And you are...?
  • Henry: Henry Green, at your service. I was sorry to learn about your father's passing.

Evie looked at Henry with enchantment.

  • Evie: Thank you...
  • Jacob: What can you tell us about Crawford Starrick?
  • Henry: I suppose the Council desires news?
  • Evie: London must be freed. To provide a better future for all of its citizens.
  • Henry: Well thank goodness the Council saw reason and sent you to aid us.
  • Jacob: Yes... thank goodness.
  • Henry: Unfortunately, I am the bearer of bad news. Today, Starrick sits at the helm of the most sophisticated Templar infrastructure known in the western world. Every class, every borough, the gangs, the industries - his reach extends all across London.
  • Jacob: I've always thought of myself as a gang leader. Firm, but fair. We'll have uniforms. And I'll unite a mix of disenfranchised outsiders under one name. That's it, Evie! We can rally them to our side.
  • Evie: Oh, like the way that you rallied those card players at the Oakbrook Tavern into the river?
ACS Somewhere That's Green 7

Jacob coming up with the name of his gang

  • Jacob: That was different, they beat me at whist. I can see it now! We'll call ourselves the Rooks.
  • Evie: You were never good at chess, either.
  • Jacob: Have you got a better plan?
  • Evie: Find the Piece of Eden.
  • Jacob: Ah...
  • Henry: Well. Let me show you the lay of the land. Shall we? This is the highest point in Whitechapel.

Climbing atop an industrial chimney, the Assassins observed the Whitechapel district.

  • Henry: Look at what Starrick has done to this city. Whitechapel is riddled with crime; child labor, despite regulations. A gang known as the Blighters overruns the streets; and Templars manipulating behind the scenes. As in all the other boroughs. We need to return this city to the people who built it in the first place.
  • Evie: We will free London from Starrick. You have my word.
  • Jacob: And my Rooks!
  • Henry: Miss Frye, your passion is inspiring. Come. Let us return to my shop, and I can bring you up to date on the rest.

The Assassins leapt into a hay cart below, from where they walked down the sidewalk.

  • Henry: Keep quiet, Kaylock's looking for me.
  • Evie: Who's Kaylock?
  • Henry: One of Starrick's gang leaders.
  • Jacob: Why does he want you?
  • Henry: He's after some of my more arcane research into one of the Precursor artifacts.
  • Evie: ...The Piece of Eden.
  • Jacob: So tell me about these "Blighters".
  • Henry: In search of an army, Starrick gathered up the nastiest of the Underworld. Some of the city's gangs tried to prevent it - and were slaughtered for their efforts. Now, only Whitechapel's Clinkers remain opposed. But they're no match for the Blighters.
  • Jacob: Well, let's shine these Clinkers up then, shall we? They're just the sort we're looking for!
  • Evie: You can't be serious.
  • Jacob: Evie, they're ready to fight and oppose the Blighters. This is my chance to step in! Look out, London, here come the Rooks!
ACS Somewhere That's Green 10

The Assassins running into Charles Dickens

As they reached a corner, Jacob ran into a man in the process of reading, causing the latter to drop his papers.

  • Dickens: Confound this city, no one looks where they're going!
  • Jacob: Yes, I've noticed that.

As the man picked up his papers, Evie helped him.

  • Dickens: Bloody Drood! I'll never finish it at this rate!

The man looked up as some of his writings were taken by the wind.

  • Dickens: Only providence knows where those words are headed now. Well, I must get to work replacing them. Should you ever be in the mood for a tale or two, you can always find me where the ale is warm and tempers are hot! Ta-ta!

The man entered a tavern.

  • Jacob: What an odd man.
  • Henry: That, Mister Frye, was Charles Dickens. Knows everyone and everything in the city. If I were you, I would keep that connection in your back pocket.

A Blighter sent a subordinate to the gang headquarters to report about Henry's moves.

  • Henry: Kaylock's gang is nearby. They must not follow me back to my shop.
  • Evie: We'll take care of it.
ACS Somewhere That's Green 13

Henry giving the twins their pistols

Henry gave both Jacob and Evie a Derringer Pistol.

  • Henry: Here. You might be able to use this.
  • Jacob: Oh, God, I hope so.
  • Henry: My carriage is nearby. Make use of it to throw them off my trail. I will meet you at the curio shop.

As Henry left, Jacob and Evie commandeered the carriage.

  • Jacob: We need to lead them away from Green.

Jacob fired his revolver into the air, drawing the Blighters' carriages towards them.

  • Jacob: Here comes trouble!
  • Evie: Their carriages are easily damaged! Kaylock will rue the day...
  • Blighters: That's the fella!
    Get 'im!

Ramming into the carriages, Jacob and Evie eliminated the Blighters.

  • Jacob: They've gone.
  • Evie: Now to return to Mister Green.
  • Jacob: Aye, aye, Captain!
  • Evie: You're relentless!
  • Jacob: That relentlessness will see me become Master when we finish this.
  • Evie: George would do nothing of the sort. Whatever's left of the Creed would perish under your control.
  • Jacob: Harsh words, dear sister.
  • Evie: I do hope Mister Green made it back safely.
  • Jacob: Don't tell me you fancy the bloke already.
  • Evie: And what do you suggest if our number one source of information turns up dead?
  • Jacob: Starrick can't be that hard to find. I say we turn the carriage 'round and go find him!
  • Evie: This is why you aren't in charge.
ACS Somewhere That's Green 14

Jacob and Evie in Henry's shop

They reached Henry's shop.

  • Henry: Did you give them the slip?
  • Jacob: We gave them more than that.

Evie noticed drawings of various individuals.

  • Evie: Who are all these people?
  • Henry: Over the years, I have established a number of connections across the city.
  • Evie: Splendid! We'll need focused aid-
  • Jacob: Focused aid? Pf. We take over Starrick's gangs, we cripple his control.
  • Evie: You're not aiming high enough. Starrick has influence in every branch of society, we need to match him.
  • Jacob: I see what you're saying, Evie. We need the Rooks.
  • Evie: You are not starting a gang called the Rooks.
  • Henry: I believe I may have an idea of my own. You will need the police to turn a blind eye to our activities. My ally in the force, Sergeant Abberline. I've heard he's a master of disguise. Next up - urchins.
  • Jacob: Urchins?
  • Henry: Urchins. Children make for excellent spies.
  • Evie: Clara O'Dea...
  • Henry: Smart as a whip, that one. Finally, you would be wise to remember that Starrick never acts alone. There are gang leaders in every borough. You'll meet them soon enough, no doubt. Rexford Kaylock, known for his ability to vanish before your very eyes.
  • Jacob: Shall we make him vanish for real?
  • Evie: I suppose.
  • Henry: One moment...

Henry gave Evie a drawing of a Templar.

ACS Somewhere That's Green 17

Jacob and Evie preparing to head out

  • Henry: Hm, a Templar target you might want to look into. Be cautious. It's rough out there.
  • Jacob: Don't worry about me, Greenie. I can handle a few thugs.
    What's the plan, then, oh mighty planner?
  • Evie: You're the one with the grand ideas: the gangs, the fights, even the outfits you'll wear! Perhaps you should lead the way.
  • Jacob: If you insist!


Jacob and Evie met with Henry Green. Together, they laid out a preliminary plan to weaken the Templars' grip on London.

Behind the scenes

  • "Somewhere That's Green" is the title of a song from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Historically, the encounter between Charles Dickens and the Fryes in London would be impossible, as in February 1868 Dickens was in United States.



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