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Something on the Side was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor and Benjamin Tallmadge traveled to New York to track down Thomas Hickey, the man in charge of the plot to kill George Washington.


  • Connor: My enemy is tenacious. When money failed them, they took to force. But I have slain Johnson and Pitcairn both, ending their plots. George Washington now rallies the colonists and their march towards freedom begins in earnest. Little wonder, then, that the Templars now want him dead. They seek to reshape this land into something cold and ordered. Something soulless. And he is an obstacle. I must save him, that his cause can flourish and my people remain safe. But the more I prod, the greater the chance I am discovered. The Templars believe their men lost to the revolution. In their eyes, the Assassins are gone and scattered - no longer a threat. But I fear they will soon discover the truth and me along with it. I must tread carefully...

Connor and Achilles met in the basement of Achilles' manor.

  • Achilles: How fares the hunt, Connor?
ACIII-Ontheside 1

Connor arguing with Achilles

  • Connor: There is progress, but I worry it is not enough.
  • Achilles: You must strike where you're needed most. What if you pursued Charles Lee and your father - what then of Paul Revere? And the soldiers at Lexington?
  • Connor: Soldiers? There were no soldiers in those towns - only men and women who were forced to defend themselves.
  • Achilles: Is this not why you fight? To protect your people? Your struggle is the colonist's struggle. In helping one, you help the other.
  • Connor: Encouraging words from one who thought mine a fool's errand.
  • Achilles: Make no mistake - I still do. But I can't help but feel some pride in your success.
  • Connor: And why should I give you any credit?
  • Achilles: Then don't. But first, return the robe. And the blades. And the darts. And all of the years of training and knowledge I have bestowed upon you. Return these and then your words may have some merit.
  • Connor: Or you could just admit that you were wrong.
  • Achilles: Oh child, please. You've killed two men - one more salesmen than soldier. You're gonna have to try a lot harder than that to impress me.

Achilles stepped out of the basement. Connor quickly followed.

  • Connor: Is that so, old man? Or perhaps we should step outside? I will gladly demonstrate how easily I could trounce y-

Connor then noticed a man drinking tea with Achilles.

ACIII-Ontheside 2

Connor introduced to Benjamin Tallmadge

  • Achilles: Connor, this is Benjamin Tallmadge. His father was one of us, no need for secrecy. I think he has something he wants to say.
  • Benjamin: Achilles tells me you've uncovered a plot to murder the Commander in Chief.
  • Connor: Yes. But I have only false starts and dead ends to show for it.
  • Benjamin: Not anymore, my friend. Thomas Hickey's your man - and I aim to help you catch him.
  • Connor: How?
  • Benjamin: I'll explain on the way. You and I are going to New York.

Connor and Benjamin met again just outside New York.

  • Connor: So what is your stake in all this?
  • Benjamin: Same as yours. Peace. Stability. A land in which all might live side by side - free and equal.
  • Connor: Why not join the brotherhood, then?
  • Benjamin: My father was an Assassin. Quite good at his job, too, as I understand it. But... I hope to have children some day. It's hard to live in two worlds at the same time. So I choose to live in one.
  • Connor: I understand.
  • Benjamin: I still contribute as I can. It's why we're here now.
  • Connor: What can you tell me of Thomas Hickey?
ACIII-Ontheside 16

Connor along with Tallmadge at New York's market

  • Benjamin: He has been running a counterfeiting ring in the city. Locate the source of his operation, and we can have him arrested. He cannot harm the Commander if he is in prison.
  • Connor: Do you know where he is?
  • Benjamin: Not exactly. But I have an idea where we can begin the search.

They arrived at a marketplace.

  • Benjamin: There are rumors of bad bills circulated here. No doubt they come from Thomas.
  • Merchant: What are you up to? This isn't money! It's colored paper. You've cheated me for the last time! GUARDS!

Connor tailed the counterfeiter to a small meeting.

  • Counterfeiter: Oi, Daniel - best put them bills away. The guards is on to us.
  • Daniel: How? What happened?
  • Counterfeiter: Damn shopkeep called me out! Brought the guards, but I gave them the slip.
  • Daniel: Boss is gonna be mad.
  • Counterfeiter: Not so mad as if I'd gotten caught. 'Sides, we've got most everything we need for the job, anyway.
ACIII-Ontheside 7

Connor eavesdropping

  • Daniel: Best go tell him. I'll warn the others.

Connor then followed the counterfeiter to their base of operations, on the way he overheard another conversation.

  • Man: I heard what happened at the market. Boss wants everyone back at the shop. Says we strike tonight.
  • Counterfeiter: He worried about that business with the guards? I'm telling you it's nothing. Haven't had a spot of trouble since I slipped away. Course, I'm takin' care to keep my distance.
  • Man: Can't believe we're really gonna do this.
  • Counterfeiter: We'll be heroes. The ones who ended all this talk of revolution. They'll set us up like kings, they will.
  • Man: Hmph! Revolution. Bunch a' trouble makers lookin' to upset the apple-cart cos some fool filled their heads with rubbish. Ruinin' it for the rest of us good folk.
  • Counterfeiter: Good folk? Really?
  • Man: Of course! You and me and Hickey? Just some hard-luck lads tryin' to survive in this cold, cruel world.
ACIII-Ontheside 12

Hickey cornered by soldiers

Connor stormed into the printer's shop being used as a hideout.

  • Thomas: Wot's this?
  • Connor: Thomas Hickey?
  • Thomas: Might be. What's it to ya?

Connor pulled out his Hidden Blade.

  • Thomas: Ain't s'pposed to be none of your kind left. Suppose I'd best be rectifyin' that, then. Get 'im!

Connor killed a man and jumped through the window.

  • Soldier: There's another one! Grab 'im!

Thomas headbutted the soldier, escaping from his hold. Connor gave chase, tackling him.

  • Connor: Be still. You will do no more harm.
  • Thomas: Your a right fool, meddlin' in affairs you know nuttin' about.
  • Connor: Washington's the only thing keeping the Continental Army together. You kill him - and you end all hope for freedom.
  • Thomas: Wrong, boy-o. Wit 'im gone, they'd have no choice but to promote Lee. And then-
  • Soldier: You are both under arrest.
ACIII-Ontheside 13

Connor and Hickey arrested

  • Thomas: Ah well, we were just havin' a scrap, officer! Ain't nuttin' wrong with two men settlin' their differences the ol' fashi'n way. Can't we come to-
  • Connor: Quiet! What are the charges?
  • Soldier: Counterfeiting.
  • Connor: I had nothing to do with that!
  • Soldier: Course not.
  • Connor: Listen - there are more important things at stake here. This man is planning to-

One of the soldiers knocked Connor out.


Connor found Thomas Hickey, but was arrested and taken to Bridewell Prison.



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