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ACU Solid Long Gun render

Solid Long Gun

The Solid Long Gun was a highly ornate, powerful flintlock pistol that dated to the era of the French Revolution.


With a marble pommel finely sculpted in the form of a human head, the Solid Long Gun was perhaps the most exquisite pistol in Paris at the time of the French Revolution. Its extravagance did not stop there; the entire frame—contiguous with the pommel—seemed to also have been crafted from marble. Golden floral patterns lined its sides, and a long iron or steel barrel was set into the frame with its entire top side exposed. Despite its unique craftsmanship, the Solid Long Gun did not suffer from any defects in functionality. It was a sturdy, reliable firearm, a quality that lent it its name. More than that, it was incredibly deadly and ranked as the most powerful single-shot pistol available to Arno Dorian of the Parisian Brotherhood during the French Revolution.[1]


During the French Revolution, the expensive Solid Long Gun was sold in Parisian markets for 142,600 francs, surpassed in price only by the Five-shot Duck Foot.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers
* * * * * 8 0 2 8 142,600₣ Additional damage: +25%

Behind the scenes

The Solid Long Gun is based on the distinctive Dutch style flintlock pistols crafted by the Dutch gunmaker Leonardus Graeff about 1675–85 in Aachen. The in-game description states that it is made of marble, however, the real pistols were made of ivory and marble would be far impractical.[2][3]

The in-game description also characterizes the gun as a "plain looking" weapon, despite it being by far the most ornate pistol in the game.

The Solid Long Gun is the most powerful single-shot in the game, even more powerful than the Silver-Plated Musket.

The only difference between the Solid Long Gun and the Gold Plated Pistol is that this gun has a higher aimed damage per shot. When doing quick-shots, both guns average the same damage (as quick shots randomize damage). [2]



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