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Death to Ramirez was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Although we were too late to catch Ramírez, we have rescued the abbot and the monks of the Asturias mountains from torture. The abbot has told us the location of their sacred relic, which we believe to unquestionably be the third section of the Staff of Eden. Pedro Madruga, a friend of the monastery, hid it for the monks long ago in his castle of Sobroso; the abbot has begged us to retrieve it from the now uninhabited castle to keep it out of the hands of the Inquisition.

We must hurry to retrieve the artifact before Ramírez's lieutenants have a chance to learn of its location!


The Assassins met in the castle's entrance hall.

  • Aguilar: How is this possible!? How can the Inquisition forces be here ahead of us? The abbot didn't talk!
  • Spanish Assassin: Where is Alvarado? His intelligence networks would prove useful right now! We cannot wait for him. It is imperative that we locate the piece of the Staff before Ramírez's men do. Come; onward!

The Assassins made their way through the castle and eventually reached a hallway on the upper floor, entering just in time to see Alvarado, with the Staff in hand, conclude a meeting with Lieutenant del Salto before being escorted out the back door by two veterans from the Spanish Army.

  • Lt. del Salto: Ah, so the Assassins arrive, but too late you naïve idiots! Alvarado has tricked you all! Ramírez convinced him to support the Inquisition way before you released him You made a fatal mistake by trusting this traitor. Such a failure must sting! Alvarado will bring the artifact to Ramírez. Let me put an end to your shame by taking your lives!

del Salto engaged the Assassins in combat but was fatally wounded.


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