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Sobek's Tears was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The sacred albino crocodile at the Temple of Sobek becomes enraged during a feeding ritual. Its handler believes it's a sign from the god. Bayek is not sure.


Bayek visited the courtyard in front of the Temple of Sobek. There, a priest blessed the plate of offerings before the guardian of Petsuchos attempted to place it in the water. The albino crocodile lashed out at the man, terrifying him. Visitors to the temple watched.

  • Woman: Hey! A bad omen! Sobek is sick!
  • Man: Petsuchos is angry! The image of Sobek shows the god's will! What will we do?
  • Sehetep: I shall heal Sobek. Continue to worship!

Bayek approached the temple's entrance.

  • Woman: Did you see his eyes? Something is wrong. We're cursed!
  • Man: That's a bad omen for certain! Something awful is going to happen! O Sobek! Forgive us!
  • Woman: What can we do? Are our offerings not enough?
  • Man: I already gave half my grain and a hundred flowers! Would gold be better?

Bayek approached the guardian, praying before the pool.

  • Bayek: I thought the sacred crocodiles of Krokodilopolis were tame.
  • Guardian: I... do not know what happened! Petsuchos has never attacked anyone before. His eyes turned red! Did you see?! Is Sobek displeased with us?
  • Bayek: Nek! Even the gods turn their backs on the people. Where is Petsuchos now?
  • Guardian: Our priest, Sehetep, took the god back to the pool inside the temple. I have never seen him like this!
  • Bayek: Something about this isn't right. I should take a look at the crocodile's enclosure./Sehetep? That cannot be a coincidence. Something is not right. I should take a look at the crocodile's enclosure.*

Bayek approached the pool inside the Temple of Sobek.

  • Bayek: No sign of the priest. Petsuchos looks agitated. I should try to stay unnoticed.

He entered the pool, and investigated a carcass on the ground.

  • Bayek: A carcass. It has been chewed but not eaten.

Bayek moved to the other side of the pool, where he discovered broken jars.

  • Bayek: A foul-smelling liquid. Argh, the stench burns my eyes. Argh, nek!

He discovered trails of blood at the stairs.

  • Bayek: Someone was injured in the enclosure. They went up the staircase.

Bayek followed the blood trail to a well. He climbed down and followed through the tunnels, where he discovered a robe on the ground.

  • Bayek: A discarded priest robe, and it's covered in blood. Whoever was wearing this was badly injured. The blood trail leads outside.

Bayek followed the trails outside of the tunnels and found a body of a soldier in the undergrowth.

  • Bayek: Mauled by crocodiles. What was he doing back here?

He investigated the body and found a note.

  • Ptolemy soldier's note:
    - Poison for crocodiles (why are we messing with crocodile gods?), mix one brown with one black vial in clean vials. Only one vial per crocodile in their food. Be careful! Too much will kill. Only want them sick.
    - Get the big croc. Others are a bonus.
    - Don't touch with hands (turns skin black, burns like shit)
    - Meet the poisoner at our southern docks when done. Melina the Hibiscus, exactly like the flower. Make sure to get her name right! She's killed people for getting it wrong.
  • Bayek: This was the man who poisoned the crocodiles. He was taking orders from "Melina the Hibiscus". A pretty name for a killer. She's at the Neorion Naval Arsenal, to the South.
    Who dares touch a god of Egypt? I'll hunt down this blasphemer.

Bayek found the arsenal, and infiltrated it. He saw the woman.

  • Bayek: That has got to be her. A purple dress. Just like the Hibiscus flower.

Bayek approached and eavesdropped on Melina, who was overseeing human test subjects, tied to poles in the yard of the Arsenal.

  • Melina the Hibiscus: (humming to herself) Hmm. These deteriorated much faster than previous test subjects.
    Dilated pupils. Vomiting. Could it be the higher dosage of hemlock? Or hellebore? Both? Ha-ha. Of course it's both! Hmm.
  • Melina the Hibiscus: Crocodiles aren't dogs, you know. (humming to herself) Killing them is easy; not killing them is much harder. The really tricky part is making their eyes bleed. Now that took skill, and years of research.
  • Greek Soldier: I don't know what you've got against dogs.
  • Melina the Hibiscus: What? I love them! As long as you feed them they trust you. They're perfect for testing. Just don't feed them flowers. That's how I got my name you know.
  • Greek Soldier: I know. You poisoned your own dog by feeding it hibiscus flowers.
  • Melina the Hibiscus: It was an accident, actually. They looked so pretty, I thought they'd taste good. My other dogs... ok. They were research.

Bayek attacked the soldier and the woman. He found a note on her body.

  • Letter from Sehetep:
    Your targets are the temple crocodiles. Make sure to get Petsuchos, the big one. The others don't matter as much.
    Don't kill any of them or it will be your head! Only make them sick, preferably something that affects their eyes and is dramatic.
    Make sure the poison can't be detected. Payment from the Captain as usual.
    Don't mess this up.
    — Sehetep
  • Bayek: A poisonous little woman. Talented, but twisted.
    Sehetep. He was the priest at the temple. Gods, what is it with priests and money?/Sehetep again! His sticky fingers are everywhere. He's becoming a serious problem.*
    The poison was just for show. At least the temple crocodiles are not going to die. I should tell the guardian.

Bayek left the arsenal and returned to the Guardian at the courtyard, praying.

  • Bayek: Guardian of Sobek, the sickness was not an omen from the gods. Your crocodiles were poisoned, but they'll recover.
  • Guardian: Poisoned? Are you sure? By whom? They will pay with their lives!
  • Bayek: Your own priest Sehetep was responsible. He is trying to increase offerings from your followers.
  • Guardian: What!? Sehetep is Sobek's right hand! He would never do this! What you are saying is blasphemy!
  • Bayek: Argh, you priests! Forever holding to your superstitions. You've been told the truth. The gods themselves will judge what you do with it.

If Bayek had explored other maladies concerning Krokodilopolis, he'd muse a bit more while leaving.

  • Bayek: I should let Padiaset know about Sehetep. He is not going to like it.


Bayek discovered the source of the crocodile's aggressiveness and sickness: poison. He killed the woman responsible for poisoning them, and discovered more about what was happening in the shadows of Krokodilopolis.


  • Depending on whether Bayek has gone through The Man Beast and/or The Jaws of Sobek, or not, changes his comments with the Guardian and after killing Melina.


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