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Sobek's Gold was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A young priest of Sobek is accused of stealing religious icons made of pure gold. He will receive harsh punishment unless Bayek can prove his innocence.


While in Euhemeria, Bayek encountered a priest of Sobek abusing a young priest in the god's shrine.

ACO - Sobek's Gold 2

Bayek tries to mollify the priest

  • Sobek Priest: This evil boy has profaned the gods. His punishment will be an example, and an atonement. His hands for thievery, his tongue for lying.
  • Novice: But I am telling the truth!
  • Sobek Priest: Silence, boy! You will not speak! Stealing from a god is the gravest of blasphemy! No punishment is too great for such transgression! Sobek is swift to judge the profaners! His many teeth will devour the unworthy. This worthless boy is an example. He's a caution to all those who would blaspheme. Beware! Oathbreakers will have their just reward! No man is above Sobek's law. No priest is beyond retribution. Justice will be done. Let this example instruct you in obedience and faithfulness. This boy's punishment will teach us all piety. Examine your hearts. Judge yourselves before the gods judge you. Sobek is a healer to those who trust him. But his judgement is swift to those who blaspheme! Be vigilant. Pay your offerings. Avoid the fate of this despicable boy!

Bayek intervened.

  • Bayek: Priest, what has the boy done to deserve this?
  • Sobek Priest: This has nothing to do with you. Back away. The boy will get what he deserves.
  • Novice: I serve Sobek! I serve Sobek! I am his slave!
  • Bayek: Boy! What are you accused of?
  • Novice: I was charged with ferrying two gold Sobeks to Krokodilopolis. Just out of port, my ship sank by the lighthouse. I almost drowned. The statues were lost. I didn't steal them!
  • Sobek Priest: Silence! And you – step back, (peasant)!
  • Bayek: Eh, do not threaten me, Neb! I am a Medjay. If the boy speaks the truth, I will find your gold Sobeks. If he lies, he is yours to deal with.
    I should check the big Octareme ship.

The elder priest continued hitting the young priest. Bayek swam out into Lake Moeris. With Senu's help, he located the Sobek statues: one aboard a military octareme and the other in a sunken trireme. He dove underwater and swam towards the sunken trireme.

  • Bayek: A recent shipwreck. This could be it.

Bayek recovered the statue.

ACO - Sobek's Gold 3

The sobek statuette among the shipwreck

  • Bayek: A golden statue of Sobek, beautifully made. Just as the boy said it would be.

Bayek resurfaced and swam towards the octareme. He infiltrated the ship.

  • Greek Soldier: That last dive was a good haul. The gold Sobek will bring a small fortune. That shipwreck might be hiding more.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers and recovered the statue from one of the chairs.

  • Bayek: A golden statue of Sobek. It is beautiful. The boy tells the truth.
    I should return these gold Sobeks to that odious priest.

Bayek returned to the shrine of Sobek, and the priests.

  • Bayek: Priest, I have your precious golden Sobeks. Your novice spoke the truth.

Bayek gave one of the statues to the priest.

  • Sobek Priest: This useless boy has been constant trouble. Many more punishments await him, for his carelessness.

The priest used the statue to knock out the novice

  • Bayek: Your priest's clothing is just a mask for cowardice. By the god I hate masks.

Bayek turned to storm off.

  • Sobek Priest: This has nothing to do with you, (peasant)! Crawl back into your desert hole.

Bayek stopped in his tracks and looked back towards the priest.

  • Bayek: I am Medjay you dishonorable dog!
  • Sobek Priest: I have the authority here, Medjay. Guards!

Two guards attacked Bayek while the priest ran away. Bayek eliminated them, saving the novice. The young priest regained conscious, and rose.

ACO - Sobek's Gold 9

The novice priest worries what might happen

  • Novice: What do I do now? The Temple will not accept me.
  • Bayek: Sobek has left the fate of this gold with you. You can return to the temple, or to your family. The choice is yours.
  • Novice: May Sobek be with you.
  • Bayek: Whatever you do, do it honorably. Egypt needs priests who do not wear masks.


Bayek was able to prove the young Sobek priest's innocence. However, the elder priest refused to end his punishments towards the young priest, leading Bayek to interfere.



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