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Snake in the Grass was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought to find and eliminate Elpenor after learning his location from the Pythia.


After Kassandra consulted the Pythia, she knew she had to assassinate Elpenor in order to gather a cloak and mask to infiltrate the Cult of Kosmos. She made her way to Pharsalos Fort in the Valley of the Nymph.

  • Kassandra: There he is, hiding in plain sight.

Kassandra killed a man who looked like Elpenor, only to discover it was a decoy.

  • Kassandra: A decoy. Why am I not surprised?

She recovered a letter from the body.

  • Letter from Elpenor:
    Make sure you kill the so-called messenger of the gods this time. I await news of your success in the cave behind the Snake Ruins in the Valley of the Snake.
    - Elpenor
  • Kassandra: Elpenor, you coward!
    Elpenor knew I would come for him. Used that imposter to lure me into a trap. Your plan failed, Elpenor. Soon you will join your imposter.

Escaping the Fort, she rode on to a cave near the Snake Temple.

  • Kassandra: Death is coming for you, Elpenor.

She made her way into the cave after dealing with the guards.

  • Kassandra: I can smell that malaka's stench.
  • Elpenor: What a shame. We would have made you rich. Before we killed you. Don't take it personally, misthios. Your mother's the one we really want. Don't fight it. The Cult always gets what it wants. We already have Deimos. We'll find your mother, and you'll be dead.

Kassandra struck Elpenor a mortal blow.

  • Elpenor: Killing me is a mistake.
  • Kassandra: Trusting you on Kephallonia was a mistake.
  • Elpenor: I'm the reason you left that island alive. The Cult wanted you dead.
  • Kassandra: What cult? Where are they?

Elpenor laughed before dying. Kassandra retrieved a shard which had fallen by his corpse.

  • Kassandra: The small shard I found on Elpenor is like nothing I've ever seen. Might come in handy.


Kassandra eliminated Elpenor, recovering a mysterious shard from his body.


  • "Snake in the grass" is an idiom referring to the idea of someone acting as a false friend.



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