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Smoke and Fury was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Having weakened the Order of Dominion's influenced in Messenia, Kassandra met with Darius in Messene in preparation to storm Amorges' hideout.


Kassandra travelled to Darius' hideout in Messene. There, she met the Athenian general she had saved earlier.

  • Kassandra: Darius.
  • Athenian General: We meet again, Eagle Bearer.
  • Darius: Good, you're back. Now to set our plan in motion.

Darius pointed to his notes on the wall.

  • Darius: We will set several fires. The smoke will force the helots to flee and draw Amorges' guards down from the mine.
  • Athenian General: Striking at the heart of the enemy while minimizing the cost of innocent lives. A wise plan. I will see to it that my men light up the rest of the area.

The general left.

  • Darius: What happened?

  • Kassandra: Natakas died protecting Elpidios. Someone from the Order wanted to meet with me. He was there Darius, they found Natakas in the shipwreck. He tried to fight them all...

Darius nodded and said nothing. He turned to the table containing keepsakes belonging to Natakas.

  • Darius: This was Natakas'. I haven't had a chance to... I forgot I even took it.
    He's gone. He's really gone. And he's never coming back.

  • Kassandra: I'll never forget, Darius. I miss him. Even now. I miss him so much.

Kassandra nodded.

  • Kassandra: We'll have time to grieve when this is over. Right now, we know Elpidios is alive. It's time to get him back.

  • Kassandra: It's nothing.

Darius nodded. They left the hideout. As the night came, Darius and Kassandra gathered at the lumberyard outside with a torch.

  • Darius: If Amorges is here, Elpidios must be as well. Once we start, we can't go back. They'll come at us with all they've got.
  • Kassandra: It's time to attack.
  • Darius: The price may be... everything.

Kassandra nodded her head. Darius handed her the torch.

  • Kassandra: I know the price.

Kassandra threw the torch at a stack of lumber. The fire became bigger and soon spread throughout the lumberyard, alerting the workers and the Order guards.

  • Civilian: Fire! Get out of here!
  • Persian Soldier: What the -

Darius and Kassandra observed the scene from a roof.

  • Darius: Time to find the boy.
  • Kassandra: It is.

Kassandra got down and navigated throughout the lumberyard.

  • Soldier: I can't see anything! The smoke is too thick - this is useless!

Kassandra killed the Order guards and continued her way.

  • Soldier: What are you afraid of? Pull yourself together!
  • Persian Soldier: Search every house!

Kassandra killed another group of Order guards.

  • Soldier: We'll get her this time. Surround the area. Flush the Eagle Bearer out.
  • Persian Soldier: Hold your ground. We can't let the Eagle Bearer get away!

Kassandra killed another group of Order guards and continued her way. She met Darius near the mine entrance. There, she found him with a disarmed Order guard. Meanwhile, the Athenian general led his men and clashed with Spartan guards.

  • Darius: Where is Amorges?

Kassandra grabbed the Order guard.

  • Soldier: The mines! But you'll never get around his defenses.

  • Kassandra: I'll crush his defenses. And then I'll kill him.

Kassandra let the soldier go.

  • Soldier: You're insane. Both of you.
  • Kassandra: You're going to tell Amorges that the Eagle Bearer - the great disruption of the Greek world - is here at his door. You tell him I'm coming. For him. For Elpidios. And I don't knock.

The guard ran away. Meanwhile, the Athenian general's men were overwhelmed, with him being surrounded. An archer shot him from the back.

  • Darius: Go! I'll take care of the Order guards.

Darius moved to cover Kassandra as she made her way towards the mine.

  • Kassandra: I need to get to the mines. I'll take out as many as I can on the way.

Kassandra took out several guards and entered the mine.

  • Kassandra: He must be here somewhere.

She navigated through the mines.

  • Kassandra: You can't hide from me, Amorges! It's too quiet.

She came across a room with scrolls around.

  • Kassandra: Stop hiding, Amorges! Come get what you deserve.

As she waited, someone approached her from the back.

  • Gergis: We meet again, Eagle Bearer.
  • Kassandra: You know this can't end well, Gergis. Just walk away.
  • Gergis: It's not that simple. Amorges has orders, and I have duties to fulfil. And... I have no intention of walking away, Kassandra. After all I've written about you, learned of your feats - I know I can't defeat you. Yet I cannot simply stand aside. We both have our reasons. For me, it's Persia. Make it through me, and Amorges awaits you in the temple.

  • Kassandra: Amorges is using you! Don't be stupid. We don't have to fight.
  • Gergis: I do this of my own accord and my duty and devotion to Persia. The will of Amorges has nothing to do it.
  • Kassandra: Your loyalty to your home and commander are admirable, Gergis. But the Order has no place in the Greek world.
  • Gergis: Everything the Order has done, everything I have done, has been in service of a cause greater than any individual's.

Gergis' guards came over.

  • Kassandra: So, all the deaths and suffering... That is justified?
  • Gergis: For all the greater good, Kassandra - All things are permitted.

Kassandra killed Gergis and his guards.

  • Kassandra: We didn't have to do this.

  • Order Scribe 1: Look, the Eagle Bearer.

A number of Order Scribes surround her.

  • Order Scribe 2: Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: Where is—
  • Order Scribe 3: Amorges? He's in the temple above the mines.
  • Order Scribe 2: But that time will come.
  • Order Scribe 1: She's just like Gergis described in his entries. Fierce.
  • Order Scribe 3: Oh, Gergis. He was the best of us.
  • Order Scribe 2 You were his favourite character, Eagle Bearer. And yet you murdered him.

  • Kassandra: I had no choice. But I'd kill him again if needed to get to Amorges.

The Order Scribes gathered.

  • Order Scribe 1: We have no intention of walking away.
  • Kassandra: I'll get to my son.
  • Order Scribe 1: Ah, Elpidios. She still has her littlest warrior in her heart.
  • Order Scribe 3: She still has... hope.
  • Order Scribe 1: What a foolish thing to hold on to.

The Order Scribes laughed.

  • Order Scribe 3: We will fight for Persia until our dying breath. The lives, the razed cities. It is for Amorges' vision of peace. His grand design. All things are permitted.

Kassandra fought and eliminated the scribes.

  • Kassandra: Amorges is in the temple. I'm coming Elpidios. I'll find you.

Kassandra read a scroll.

  • Chronicles:
    A record of the Order of the Ancients' history throughout the ages, maintained by the Herald and his scribes. The Order was founded many generations ago in the faraway land of Egypt, and spread over time to Persia and beyond. Maddeningly, much of the document is obscured by code and cipher. The full extent of the Order's reach is unknown, but it is clear that Amorges and those who serve him are but one part of a vast and greater conspiracy that threatens the entire world.

She read another scroll.

  • After the Storm:
    Achaia. Where the Order of the Ancients tasked the Tempest to brew up a storm. The Eagler Bearer, no stranger to helping those in need, sought to help stranded refugees leave such dangerous waters. But the Great Disruptor was soon caught in the midst of a tragic family feud. And with her final breath, the Tempest passed onto memory. The Eagle Bearer settled in Dyme, looking after baby Elpidios while watching the once-raging waves now gently lap at the shore.

    - The Herald

She read another scroll.

  • A New Beginning:
    For decades Artaxerxes brought peace and prosperity, but Persia needs more.

    From promise of legacy and glory to coercion and threat, unlike his predecessors, Artaxerxes refused to yield. But the Order needed him dethroned. We led him to believe that Artabanus made the attempt on his life.

    Artaxerxes lived, but no matter. The King is ephemeral.

    The Order is eternal.

    - The Herald.


Kassandra and Darius attacked Amorges' hideout in an attempt to draw him out. Kassandra was forced to kill Gergis along the way.


  • If kept alive earlier, Gergis says "everything is permitted", a part of what is later to become the credo of the Assassins.
    • If Gergis is killed beforehand, he will be replaced by a group of Order scribes.



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