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Smoke Over Water was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Harkhuf's smuggler, Jeska, was killed by Sefetu. He wants to ask Amosis to take over her role.


Bayek travelled to the western docks of Sais, where he found Amosis selling fish.

  • Bayek: Amosis?
  • Amosis: Yes? Fresh cockles and mussels today!
  • Bayek: My name is Bayek. I come from Harkhuf. He needs your help, as a friend of Jeska.
  • Amosis: I'm listening.
  • Bayek: Since Jeska was killed, Harkhuf needs a trusted agent to shepherd people out from under Sefetu's watch.
  • Amosis: Dead? You and Harkhuf are out of touch! Jeska's too tough to be held by Sefetu. She escaped the Firebrand!
  • Bayek: What? Where is she?
  • Amosis: Back on the river. She took a felucca loaded with supplies to the people she sheltered. She's taken a dangerous route to the southwest past the hippopotamuses to avoid Sefetu's eyes. If you follow the coast, you'll find her.

Bayek boarded a boat and sailed towards the southern coast. He discovered Jeska fighting a pack of hippopotamuses.

  • Jeska: Hiyah! Away, you blasted river pigs!
    If I had a sharp knife, I would skin you for the leather!
    May Serapis curse you and your offspring!
    Go to the crows!
    These bloated lake cows! Help me drive them off!

Bayek assisted her and together they killed the hippos.

  • Jeska: What are you called?
  • Bayek: Bayek.
  • Jeska: Good to meet you, Bayek. I am Jeska.
  • Bayek: How did you end up here?
  • Jeska: I got lost, sailed the wrong way.
  • Bayek: I would not call avoiding Sefetu's patrols "the wrong way."
  • Jeska: What do you know of Sefetu?
  • Bayek: Harkhuf believed you were dead. But you escaped. He needs you back.
  • Jeska: Help me get these supplies to my village. There are many depending on me. And we will talk.

Bayek and Jeska reached Jeska's felucca, and boarded it.

  • Jeska: How do you know Harkhuf?
  • Bayek: I was sent to him by a man to whom I am pledged. I believe we are working towards the same end.
  • Jeska: Well, Harkhuf is a great man, though Sais is a region of self-proclaimed great men. But Harkhuf has a good heart. He cares for his people and his city.
  • Bayek: Yes, he protects them from cowards like the Scarab and Sefetu.
  • Jeska: I have smuggled many families, like poor Wenis and her son, out of Sais to keep them safe. Those have tried to refuse Sefetu, he has burned to death.

Sailing down the river, they eventually approached a pier.

  • Bayek: You are courageous to protect families that are not your blood.
  • Jeska: If you say. I hide them in my village until we can arrange a caravan to get them beyond the desert. Hence the food and medicine I bring.
  • Bayek: How did you survive?
  • Jeska: Sefetu's soldiers brought me to Fort Nikiou, where they burned and tortured me. But I spat in their faces. When they thought me broken, I-by the gods! Sefetu has come!

Several Ptolemaic feluccas sailed towards Bayek and Jeska. Bayek was able to eliminate them, and they stepped off Jeska's felucca. Bayek followed Jeska to her village, only to discover it had been burned down and looted by soldiers.

  • Jeska: No! No! Pentu! Anen! Wenis!
    Sefetu's men are burning everything!
  • Bayek: Stay here. Let me take care of them.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers.

  • Bayek: It is done.
  • Jeska: So many lives turned to ash... Is anyone left?
  • Bayek: We need to be quick. More will come.

Bayek and Jeska looked for survivors. After a while, they heard a sound.

  • Jeska: Did you hear that?
  • Bayek: Yes...

Jeska discovered a heavily burned and injured Pentu, under burned debris.

  • Jeska: Pentu! Oh, by the gods, you are still alive! I will not leave you here.

An enemy soldier sneaked behind her. Meanwhile, Bayek, who was still searching, heard her scream and snatched an arrow, prepared to shoot. The soldier tried to slash Jeska's throat, but she was able to reverse the blade and killed the soldier.

  • Jeska: My cousins have a farm nearby. It may be untouched. Please, help me bring Pentu!
  • Bayek: Of course. I will take him.

Bayek carried Pentu on his back. He put him onto a horse and climbed on to it. Jeska followed Bayek, and together, the two rode to Jeska's cousins' farm.

  • Jeska: Ipi! Abana! Are you there?
  • Woman: By Serapis! Is it you, Jeska? We saw what happened. We thought you'd died!
  • Jeska: Pentu survived! He needs help.
  • Woman: Of course! Bring him here.

Bayek helped Pentu down onto the ground, where the farmers took over.

  • Jeska: Thank you for Pentu's life.
  • Bayek: I did nothing that you would not have done. He owes his life to you. This is not the end of it, however.
  • Jeska: No. Those dogs still hunt for their prick master. I will go to Harkhuf. We must find a way to peel Sefetu out of his shell, and deal with him.
  • Bayek: I cannot bring your people back from Duat. But I will help you avenge your village.


Bayek was able to discover the true fate of Jeska, and helped her to rescue Pentu from Mefkat, and bring him to safety.


  • The title of this memory may be a reference to the song Smoke on the Water by the English rock band Deep Purple.


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