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Slander was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Lyle White informed Connor that a smear campaign against him was still going on. Connor then set out to stop it.


  • Lyle: Connor, might I have a word?
  • Connor: What do you think of our little plot of land, Doctor?
  • Lyle: It's quite beautiful. I'm grateful you found me. But to be truthful people outside our community still avoid me like the bloody plague. It baffled me for a time but then a courier delivered this to me. Before you found me the British demanded I not treat Patriots nor their supporters. I refused so they set about destroying my business. This tells me their smear campaign is still very much in effect. If things don't change, I may be forced to leave.
  • Connor: We need you here. I will do what I can to end this defamation.
  • Lyle: You might start by finding the courier who brought this to me. He works out of Boston.

Connor then went to Boston.

Slander 2

Connor speaking with the courier

  • Connor: I am here on behalf of Doctor White. It is time the campaign against him came to an end. Who is selling the papers that slander him?
  • Courier: You won't find argument from me – Doc Lyle healed my leg, good as new. The pamphlets are being distributed by a few paper boys around Boston.
  • Paper boy 1: Dr. Death! Get the news on Dr. Death!

Connor bribed the paper boy.

  • Paper boy 1: I'll take that if you're giving it.
  • Paper boy 2: White Death! Come for healing, leave in a box!

Connor bribed another one.

  • Paper boy 2: Thanks mister. It's less than I get for this, though.
  • Paper boy 3: You've heard about him! Now read about him! The Doctor with a Grim touch!

Connor bribed another paper boy.

  • Paper boy 3: It's not much but very kind of you.
  • Paper boy 4: Inform your families of White Death!
  • Connor: Where is the man printing these pamphlets?
  • Paper boy 4: Look, mister, there's a man who pays me to hand these papers out. So long as he's dolling the coin I'll be doing what he asks.

Connor tracked the overseer down and beat him up.

  • Connor: You will not distribute these pamphlets any longer. Understood?


Connor stopped the smear campaign against Lyle White.



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