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A view of the island

Skyros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, located south of Lemnos and east of Euboea. Together with Euboea, Skyros forms the Abantis Islands.

Skyros was famous for its goats and marble quarries.[1]


Mythical age

In Greek mythology, the island was where a young Achilles was hidden and disguised as one of King Lykomedes' daughters, in an attempt to elude his fate and destiny in the Trojan War.[2] Because of this, the northern region of the island is called the Plains of Achilles. Within the city of Skyros is also located the Temple of Achilles.[3]

Theseus, another legendary hero, and the king of Attika, faced his demise on Skyros as King Lykomedes pushed him down to his death at the Hero's Fall in southern parts of the island.[4]

5th century BCE

During the 5th century BCE the island became the base of the Abantis Islands' bandit group called The Dagger.[5]

During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra met the slave Agapios, and agreed to help him to demolish the bandits.[6] At the end the hunt, the Kingfisher and Agapios met at the Temple of Achilles in Skyros, only to be interrupted by Kassandra and the magistrate of Chalkis City.[5]


The island of Skyros comprised two regions:




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