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Sky World Journey was a visual representation of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories from an Apple of Eden-induced reality.


After ramming the Aquila, Ratonhnhaké:ton traveled inland to find Jefferson and his troops.


Redemption Sky World Journey 7

Ratonhnhaké:ton and Franklin by Kanen'tó:kon's body

Ratonhnhaké:ton eventually made it to shore as well and found Franklin crouched over the dead body of Kanen'tó:kon. Ratonhnhaké:ton knelt next to Kanen'tó:kon's body and put a hand on his friend's chest.

  • Franklin: He wanted to atone for what he'd done. ... He saved my life. And very nearly killed Washington.

Ratonhnhaké:ton picked up Kanen'tó:kon's tomahawk, examining the blood on it.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: It will take more than a tomahawk.

Ratonhnhaké:ton angrily threw aside the tomahawk and pulled out the pouch containing the tea of the Great Willow. Both stood up and began to walk away. Ratonhnhaké:ton stared at the tea.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: It will take great power.

Franklin pulled out his specially-made key.

  • Franklin: We do have this.

Ratonhnhaké:ton gave Franklin a dismissive wave.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: Useless.
  • Franklin: Don't be foolish.

Ratonhnhaké:ton turned to face Franklin.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: That trinket only opens doors!

Ratonhnhaké:ton began unfastening the pouch.

  • Franklin: What are you doing?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: The Animal Spirits know things we do not know. If I journey to them, they may teach me.

As Ratonhnhaké:ton drank the tea, he began to feel the world around him dissolving. He doubled over and grunted in pain as Franklin rushed to his side.

  • Franklin: Are you all right?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: Keep watch.
Redemption Sky World Journey 1

Kaniehtí:io's phantom hounding Ratonhnhaké:ton

Ratonhnhaké:ton was transported to the Sky World once more. Similarly to his previous fight with Washington, Ratonhnhaké:ton was confronted by the disappointed phantom of his mother as he moved across platforms.

  • Kaniehtí:io: Why have you returned to this place?
    I weep for you, my son.
    Can you not see that you are lost?!
    You have defied me! You ignore my last wish!
    I cannot forgive you, my son.

The platform collapsed below Ratonhnhaké:ton and he fell into darkness. He later approached a giant bear with spears stuck into three of its legs and one in its head. After Ratonhnhaké:ton plucked out the first spear, he used Eagle Flight to approach subsequent spear and pull them out of the bear. After saving the giant bear, a normal-sized bear approached Ratonhnhaké:ton. It stood erect and Ratonhnhaké:ton stared at it for a moment before it fell into him, granting him a new power. After receiving the power, a phantom of Washington appeared before Ratonhnhaké:ton.

Redemption Sky World Journey 6

Ratonhnhaké:ton using Bear Might against Washington's men

  • Washington: You cannot match my power. I am freedom itself!

The phantom Washington created golden Bluecoats to attack Ratonhnhaké:ton.

  • Washington: This time, I'll make certain of your death.

Ratonhnhaké:ton used Bear Might to knock back the soldiers, eventually making his way to the phantom Washington and dispelling him with his newfound power. Ratonhnhaké:ton awoke from his journey to find Franklin giving him something to drink. Ratonhnhaké:ton pushed the bowl away. Franklin noticed that Ratonhnhaké:ton's eyes had changed to bluish hue.

  • Franklin: You were feverish. What's happened to your eyes?

Ratonhnhaké:ton quickly stood up.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: We must separate to search out Jefferson and the rebellion.
  • Franklin: Very well.

Ratonhnhaké:ton departed with Franklin looking after him with a look of concern.


Ratonhnhaké:ton unlocked the abilities of his spirit animal, the bear, by drinking the tea of the Great Willow.



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