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ACRG Cave Paintings - Falling

The Sky Woman in the cave paintings

The Sky Woman was a legend of the Iroquois based on the First Civilization.


Referred to as Iottsitíson by Kaniehtí:io,[1] the Sky Woman fell to the Earth in order to rid it of darkness and chaos. As she was falling, animals from the water joined together to create an area for the Sky Woman to land, creating what would later be known as North America. After thanking the animals, she gave birth to twin sons, the Good and Evil Spirits.[2]

The Sky Woman passed away during childbirth, with the Iroquois believing that the Evil Spirit had caused her great pain. Mourning the loss of his mother, the Good Spirit made her eyes the sun and moon, and made her tears the stars. After her burial, the Sky Woman's body became part of the earth, giving life to trees and plants.[2]


  • There is a slight misinterpretation of the lore. In Onatah's retelling, the Sky Woman gave birth to twin sons. However, the legend states that Sky Woman gave birth to the Earth Mother, who then gave birth to the twin sons.



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