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The Nornir, from left to right: Verðandi, Skuld, Urðr

Skuld was one of three Nornir in Norse mythology. [citation needed]


Along with Verðandi and Urðr, Skuld was one of the Nornir, women who were at the birth of every child, deciding its fate. Skuld represented the future, whilst the other two represented the present and past.[1]

In Asgard, Havi was approached by the Nornir at his throne Hliðskjálf atop Heimdall's Tower and warned about an upcoming catastrophe.[2]

Legacy and influence

Skuld had a totem named after her in the popular 9th century dice game Orlog. The piece "Skuld's Claim" would destroy an opponent's God Favor for each die face that rolled a bow. An Anglo-Saxon woman in Colcestre, Essexe possessed the piece, which she gave to the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan after being defeated.[3]




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