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"Cesare persuaded King Louis to lend him an entire army to defeat me. I'm flattered."
―Bartolomeo d'Alviano, regarding the French.[src]

The skirmish in the Campagna District was a military conflict fought between the forces of Bartolomeo d'Alviano and Octavian de Valois in 1503, within the Campagna District of Rome.

Bartolomeo had been ensnared in a losing battle with the French for a few years, and it had grown worse with the addition of Borgia soldiers. However, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze aided Bartolomeo in his fight by assassinating Battista Borgia, causing the Borgia troops to withdraw from the battle.

Following the battle, the Assassins were able to focus their attention to the Borgia, having driven the French soldiers from Rome. This led the Assassins to procure a key to the Castel Sant'Angelo, enabling them with full access of the Castello.

Attack on Bartolomeo's barracks[]

Bartolomeo: "It's only a matter of time before I have Valois by the throat. We have them in retreat."
Ezio: "They seem to be getting closer."
—Bartolomeo and Ezio discuss the French advances.[src]

Following the assassination of Cardinal Juan Borgia the Elder, Ezio made his way to the Campagna District in Rome. Bartolomeo d'Alviano, a fellow Assassin and leader of the mercenaries in Rome, had his barracks stationed in the district.

Upon reaching the barracks, Ezio was greeted by Bartolomeo. However, Bartolomeo had become paranoid from the frequent combat with the French forces, and nearly attacked Ezio as a result.

Gatekeeper 1

Bartolomeo and Ezio conversing at the barracks

Recognizing Ezio, Bartolomeo let his guard down, and the two had a brief discussion, with Bartolomeo informing Ezio of the battle and the French commander, the Baron Octavian de Valois. Before they could continue their deliberation, a mercenary caught sight of a French battalion approaching, and shouted for the gates to be closed.

Becoming aware that he required aid, Bartolomeo ordered Ezio to shut the gates while his men battled with the French soldiers. Maneuvering around the combat, Ezio was able to shut the various gates of the barracks, preventing additional French soldiers from entering the battle. Having closed the gates, Ezio then assisted Bartolomeo and his men in vanquishing the French troops that remained in the barracks.

Although the barracks had been secured, the Baron and his troops made advances towards the barracks, calling for Bartolomeo's attention. As Bartolomeo listened attentively, Octavian solicited for Bartolomeo's unconditional surrender. Headstrong, Bartolomeo refused the Baron's request irritably.

Gatekeeper 4

Pantasilea being held captive by the French

At Bartolomeo's refusal of surrender, the Baron had one of his men bring Bartolomeo's spouse, Pantasilea Baglioni, forward. In response, Bartolomeo threatened the Baron; however, before departing, the Baron gave him an ultimatum in which Bartolomeo would have to enter the French camp unarmed at dawn, or have his spouse killed.

Enraged, Bartolomeo pursued the Frenchmen on horseback with Ezio. Arriving at the French encampment, Bartolomeo shouted threats and jeers at the French, though Ezio devised a plan, and told Bartolomeo to recall his men to the barracks. Ceding to Ezio's proposal, Bartolomeo briskly departed for the quarters with his men.

Infiltration of the French encampment[]

Procuring armor and entrance[]

"We need to liberate several suits of French armor. At dawn, we are going to walk right in."
―Ezio explains his plan to Bartolomeo.[src]

Once at the barracks, Ezio described his plan to Bartolomeo, informing him that they would need to eliminate French soldiers and procure their armor. Ezio went on to explain they would utilize it to enter the French camp inconspicuously. Consenting, Bartolomeo volunteered his men to claim the armor from the fallen French troops.

Traversing the district, Ezio stealthily eliminated twenty French soldiers, managing to keep the armor unsoiled for Bartolomeo's mercenaries. He then made his way to Bartolomeo, where Ezio and the mercenaries outfitted themselves with the French soldiers' attire. After dressing themselves in the French garb, Ezio led the mercenaries and Bartolomeo as they made their way to the French camp.

Trojan 3

Ezio and the mercenaries proceeding with Bartolomeo

Along the way, Ezio encountered three French checkpoints. Aware that they would be identified if observed at the checkpoints, Bartolomeo told Ezio to eliminate the soldiers at each checkpoint. Stealthily slaying the troops on patrol, Ezio cleared the path at each opportunity, enabling Bartolomeo and his men to safely reach the camp.

Arriving at the French camp, Ezio was confronted by a French soldier who questioned him dubiously. Informing the soldier in French that he was escorting Bartolomeo to the Baron, Ezio managed to pass by. He then led Bartolomeo past taunting French soldiers, arriving at the inner section of the camp where the Baron manifested with his detainee, Pantasilea.

Observing his spouse with the Baron, Bartolomeo engaged in a heated argument with the Baron. Eventually, the Baron brandished his rifle toward Pantasilea, at which Ezio signaled for the mercenaries to commence their attack. Discerning Bartolomeo's strategy, the Baron retreated into the inner keep with Pantasilea as his captive.

Battle and rescue[]

Flanked by nearby soldiers, Ezio engaged in an aggressive battle with the guards alongside Bartolomeo and his mercenaries. However, Bartolomeo soon ordered Ezio to pursue the Baron, telling him to utilize the rooftops to avoid the battle raging on in the encampment.

Traversing the rooftops, Ezio eliminated the few archers that remained while he followed the Baron. Ultimately, Ezio's pursuit of the Baron led him to the keep located towards the rear of the fortress. There, Ezio observed as the Baron hastily led Pantasilea into a small courtyard surrounded by a multi-story building. The Baron then threatened Ezio, claiming he would kill Pantasilea should he notice Ezio approaching.

Au Revoir 3

Ezio assassinating the Baron

While the Baron held Pantasilea hostage in the courtyard, Ezio maneuvered covertly around the keep. While stealthily eliminated the soldiers, Ezio made sure not to alert the Baron. Having taken out the guards in the keep, Ezio proceeded onto the rooftop of the building overlooking the small courtyard where the Baron was holding his prisoner.

After locating the Baron below, Ezio leapt from the rooftop, air-assassinating the Baron, who, in his final words, informed Ezio that he merely sought esteem. After providing the Baron with his last rites, Ezio unbound Pantasilea as Bartolomeo reached the courtyard.

Reuniting in a passionate embrace, Bartolomeo discussed the battle with his wife, accrediting Ezio with the plan to rescue her; however, Ezio denied this praise, telling Pantasilea it was her husband's concept. Pantasilea then hailed her husband as her "prince," before expressing her gratitude to Ezio and departing with her husband.


Cesare: "What has happened here?"
Rodrigo: "I do not know what you mean?"
Cesare: "My funds, my troops. Gone."
—Cesare Borgia questions his father about the loss of French support.[src]

Following the Baron's death, the Borgia's oppression and control over Rome declined. However, the loss of the French support came as a surprise to the Captain General of the Papal forces, Cesare Borgia, who became aware of the situation several weeks later after being informed of the events by his father, Pope Alexander VI.

Accusing his father of murdering the Baron, Cesare swiftly entered into a vehement quarrel with the Pope. The two disagreed though, and their altercation culminated when Cesare force-fed his father a poisoned apple.