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Skegjold Frenzy-Seeker (died 870s) was a Norse drengr who served under Ragnar Lothbrok in the Great Heathen Army alongside five trusted lieutenants during the raids that were part of the Viking expansion into England.


Skegjold was one of Ragnar Lothbrok's most valued fighters. While the army was camped at Uppsala during a campaign, Ragnar spent nine moons teaching Skegjold the ritual of Drengr-Seiðr, in which a warrior would drink a sacred drugged ale and fight inside the frenzy that followed. Both Ragnar and Skegjold would drink of the elixir before each raid, entering the frenzy, and she would keep undertaking this ritual even after Ragnar's passing.[1]

After the death of her friend and leader, Skegjold was left wandering England without a cause or goal.[2] She sought a warrior willing to take part in the ritual and engage her in combat to the death. Eventually, she encountered the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, who agreed to the ritual. After a long fight, Eivor managed to defeat her, ending her life and sending her to meet with Ragnar in Valhalla.[1]



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