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Skaði, anglicized as Skadi, known as the Mistress of the Frozen Mountains, was an Isu who was later revered in Norse mythology as a jötunn and the goddess of skiing, bowhunting, winter and mountains.


Skaði was the daughter of Þjazi. She was said to be responsible for the serpent whose venom dropped unto Loki while he was bound to a rock by the other gods with the innards of his son Narfi, as punishment for killing Baldr.[1]


Skaði was the wife of Njörðr until they disagreed about where they should live. Havi found a note pinned to the mast of a shipwreck, written by Skaði to Njörðr. It explained that, whilst Njörðr wanted to live in Asgard, Skaði returned to Jötunheimr as she wanted to stay there. The note also mentions Skaði loved his feet, but did not think he'd meet the jötnar's measure of manhood.[2] Njörðr himself later confirmed to Havi about the disagreement on where to live, and told him he saw Skaði only once laugh, when a goat almost ripped Loki's testicles off.[3]

Legacy and influence

Skaði had a totem named after her in the popular dice game Orlog, played during the 9th century. The piece "Skadi's Hunt" would add additional bow counters to any die that rolled it. An Anglo-Saxon woman in Quatford, Sciropscire possessed the piece, which she gave to the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan after being defeated.[4]

A wolf den in Snotinghamscire to the northeast of Hemthorpe was named after the goddess. At the same time, a light bow, a battleaxe, and a hunter bow also used the name of Skaði.[4]

Behind the scenes

In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, the achievement Skadi's Hobby can be earned by performing a 150m slide in the snow.



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