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The statue depicting Sisyphos

Sisyphos or Sisyphus was an Isu and the mythical founder of the Greek polis Korinth and the Isthmian Games in Greek mythology.


Sisyphos found the corpse of Melikertes on the shore, buried him and established the Ishtmian Games in his honor, as well as a cult.[1]

According to legend, after angering Zeus, the god ordered Thanatos to seize Sisyphos.[2] The mortal fooled Death, however, and as punishment for this, Sisyphos was condemned to push a boulder to the top of a hill for eternity. After his death, he was said to buried in a cave below the hill. Centuries later, a monument depicting his punishment stood outside the cave.[3]


When Rebecca Crane spoke with Desmond Miles in 2012 and raised the possibility of exploring his Precursor DNA through the Animus, Desmond jokingly voiced concern that his ancestor would turn out to be one of the "third-rate" Isu and mentioned Sisyphos. Years later in 2020, Layla Hassan later kept a copy of the conversation on her laptop.[4]

Behind the scenes

The Eagle Bearer's comment at the Grave of Sisyphos in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, "Ah, Sisyphos. You should have left Thanatos to it", references how in the myths Sisyphos tried to fool Thanatos.[5]

In Greek mythology, Sisyphos was the brother of Salmoneus.




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