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The Siren Song was a ship sailing the Aegean Sea during the 5th century BCE. It was famous for surviving all that the sea could conjure.


When the Siren Song was anchored at the Port of Lechaion in Korinth, Korinthia, she was gambled away in a game of dice. She was won by Myrrine, who had come to Korinth following the apparent loss of both of her children, Kassandra and Alexios.[1]

Aboard the Siren Song, Myrrine sailed the Aegean Sea and adopted the sobriquet "Phoenix", becoming a pirate and befriending Xenia.[2] Ultimately, she docked Siren's Song on Naxos Island.[3]


  • The ship was named after the song of the mythical sirens.
  • It is uncertain what connection, if any, this ship has to the ship design Siren's Song available for the Adrestia via the Helix Store.
  • If Myrrine survives and joins Kassandra aboard the Adrestia, they reference Myrrine's time aboard the Siren Song, Myrrine noting that she was "in a different place when I sailed that ship. Physically, mentally... I didn't have direction then."



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