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Silent Hunter was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Upon returning to the Davenport Homestead, Connor came across a wounded woman and stopped to help.


Connor walked up to an injured woman.

  • Connor: Are you alright?
  • Myriam: What do you think?
  • Connor: How did this happen?
  • Myriam: Poachers in the woods. I asked them to leave...this was their answer.
  • Connor: Come on. We need to get that arm looked at.
  • Myriam: What of the men who did this?
  • Connor: They can wait. Your wound cannot.

Connor picked up Myriam and walked towards the manor.

ACIII-SilentHunter 1

Myriam informing Connor about the poachers

  • Connor: Will you be able to make it to the house?
  • Myriam: Yes. I think the ball took only flesh.
  • Connor: And what is your name?
  • Myriam: Myriam.
  • Connor: Do you live nearby?
  • Myriam: Ah, I don't have a home, per se. I took to the frontier when I was a young girl. I made my life out here ever since - living where the land makes easiest.
  • Connor: Not a common choice for a woman of the Colonies.
  • Myriam: No it's not. But truth be told, it was this, the convent or the brothels. I prefer the open air.

Connor reached the Homestead manor and, with the help of Achilles Davenport, set her on the stairs.

  • Achilles: Connor! What are you doing?!
  • Connor: Those poachers need to be stopped.
  • Myriam: Saw the scabs from my hunting blind. Get to that and you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.
  • Achilles: Use the rope dart if you can. Get familiar with it.

Connor traveled to Myriam's hunting blind and assassinated three of the poachers. Two more poachers walked into the campsite.

ACIII-SilentHunter 5

Connor hanging one of the poachers with a rope dart

  • Poacher 1: William Johnson's openin' up some of that Mohawk land he purchased for free huntin' soon.
  • Poacher 2: Might be we make a good haul up there.
  • Poacher 1: I hear tell lumberin'll be allowed to boot.
  • Poacher 2: What does he want with the territory if not the game and timber?
  • Poacher 1: Don't know. Don't much care, neither. Beats skulking around these woods. Something don't feel right.
  • Poacher 2: Feelin' a bit guilty on account of that woman you put a hole in?
  • Poacher 1: Nah nah- she had it comin'.
  • Poacher 2: What's she dressed like that for anyway? It's not natural.

Connor assassinated the two poachers and made his way to the last one.

  • Poacher: Hey! Where are you fellas?

Connor approached the poacher and put a blade to his throat.

  • Connor: Shooting strangers in the forest? Is that common hunting practice where you come from?
  • Poacher: N-no. I...
  • Connor: Spare me! Go! Tell the friends you have left what happened here.

Connor returned to the manor where Achilles had finished bandaging Myriam's arm.

ACIII-SilentHunter 9

Achilles helping Myriam

  • Myriam: Thank you Achilles.
  • Achilles: You are most welcome.
  • Connor: Why did those men attack you?
  • Myriam: It's no secret this land is full with game. I spotted the trespassers en route to request permission to hunt here myself and suggested they do the same.
  • Connor: The bounty of the forest is not mine to give. It is your right to hunt on this land, but I would appreciate you trading your surplus with the others.
  • Myriam: Very well. I accept.


Myriam joined the Homestead, allowing Connor to purchase furs, herbs and other hunting goods from her.



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