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Silas Thatcher (1720 – 1754) was a high-ranking and corrupt officer of the British Army who was a prolific slave trader.


Early life

Silas was born to an affluent merchant in London in the year 1720. His father purchased a commission for him in the British Army when Silas was quite young.[1]

He left for the Thirteen Colonies in the year 1750 and was posted at defenses along the Boston Neck. Silas was known for his cruelty and few men wished to serve with him. His personal assistant, "Cutter", was a notoriously cruel man.[1]

Silas began to demand protection money from local merchants, fence stolen goods, and enslave and sell the local indigenous populace. Sometime during his stay, he became the commander of Southgate Fort, where he would receive deliveries of Native American prisoners for his slave trade.[1]


Sometime in 1754, Silas demanded protection money from Benjamin Church, which he was denied. Subsequently, he had his men ransack Church's house and Silas captured Church and tortured him.[2]

When Church still refused to pay him protection money, he ordered Cutter to torture Church more, but left as he was supposedly disgusted by the scene. Unknown to him, Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee killed Cutter and two other guards and rescued Church.[2]

Haytham and his band of Templars commandeered a convoy bringing Silas a group of Kanien'kehá:ka slaves. They freed the slaves and infiltrated the fort in an attempt to kill Silas.[3]

On discovering the ruse, Silas ordered his men to seal all the exits and fire on anybody that attempted to escape, or anyone they did not recognize. The Templars dealt with his men and cornered him. Church executed Silas as payback for the torture he had inflicted on him.[3]





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