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Sigmund's Sword by Johannes Gehrts

Sigmund was a figure in Norse mythology, the son of Völsung, husband of Hjördís, and father of Sigurd.


Possibly in the late 6th century, a being claiming to be the Norse god Odin, disguised as a beggar, plunged a Sword into a tree called Barnstokkr, stating that whomever was able to pull it free would receive it as a gift. Only the warrior Sigmund proved able to do so, and subsequently claimed the Sword as his own.[1]

According to legend, his son Sigurd would later on use his father's sword to slay the dragon Fafnir.[2]


In 1889, the myth of Sigmund, inspired renowned German illustrator Johannes Gehrts to draw what he entitled, Sigmunds Schwert. A xylograph (wooden engraving), was later created by Eduard Ade and published in 1901.[1]

In 2012, Clay Kaczmarek included Gehrts' illustration of Sigmund approaching the sword in the tree in a set of puzzles he had hidden within the Animus for his successor, Desmond Miles to find. Desmond did so in September of that year,[3] uncovering Clay's message suggesting that the sword of Sigmund's was in fact a Sword of Eden.[1]